When we think about buying luggage, one thing that comes to our mind is IT luggage. I mean IT luggage is considered one of the most usable and durable types of luggage.

It luggage has created a loyal fan base all over the world. It’s more like this luggage has unique customers who will always buy or suggest It luggage to others no matter what.

So, today’s article will be looking at some important tips that will increase our knowledge so that we can easily buy It luggage without facing any inconvenience.

Let’s find out if it is the lightest luggage ever in our IT luggage reviews!

So, let’s jump into the full details.

Here Top 3 IT luggage reviews (For a Quick view):

Image Product Price
IT luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles IT luggage World’s Lightest Los AngelesCheck on Amazon
It luggage Quilte Lightweight Expandable SpinnerIt luggage Quilte Lightweight Expandable SpinnerCheck on Amazon
It luggage World's Lightest New YorkIt luggage World’s Lightest New YorkCheck on Amazon

Top 8 IT luggage reviews

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 22″ Softside Carry-On 2 Wheel, Charcoal Grey

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles, as the name suggests, is the lightest suitcase you will ever come across. Don’t judge it too early, as it is also one of the toughest and most durable suitcases too.

It is almost like a light sword that you can carry in the war with you to defeat all your enemies!

It is constructed with high tensile fabric, which makes it durable and can be easily used over a long span of time. A companion for a long period of time.

Among all the features, the feature which mesmerized me the most is its interior. It contains a lot of space.

You can almost carry your world inside it! Its flat-packed interior is something that you won’t find in other luggage, making it worth every penny!

Moreover, the handles are comfortable.

Although it comes in many different colors, charcoal grey attracted me the most!

IT luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles
Image: Amazon


  • Tough fiberglass structure
  • Easy to grab top handle.
  • The front zip pocket is large enough to hold travel documents.
  • A mesh pocket and two slide pockets on the inside are ideal for toiletries.
  • Flat packing interior
  • 21.8 x 14.2 x 7.3cm (exterior dimensions)
  • Dimensions of the interior: 19.1 x 13.4 x 7.3cm
  • Wide comfort handle


  • The handle is comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Front zip pocket provides enough space which helps a lot.
  • Nice flat surface.


  • It has small wheels
  • ·It only has two wheels, which makes it a bit more difficult
  • The outer covering material is a bit flimsy.

It luggage Quilte Lightweight Expandable Spinner

If you want to look posh among other travelers who want to make a good impression, then why not buy Quilte Lightweight Expandable Spinner IT luggage?

You can take it anywhere, such as abroad, home trip, or on a more extended vacation. The lightweight 31.3″ quilted spinner from IT Luggage delivers flair and utility.

This It luggage has outstanding features, including eight multi-directional wheels and a 360-degree easy maneuver capacity.

Moreover, a semi-expanded system at the base provides the user with an additional space without negotiating stability.

It luggage Quilte Lightweight Expandable Spinner
Image: Amazon


  • Easy maneuverability/ half expander system – a convenient expander at the base provides additional room without affecting stability.
  • Ext. Dimensions: 31.3 x 19.3 x 11.2″ + 2.8″Exp. / Int. Dimensions: 29 x 18.9 x 11.2″ + 2.8″Exp. / Weight: 6.75 lbs.


  • Convenient lifting & easy to grab handle
  • Superior control
  • Strong wheels


  • Hard to wash.
  • Not fashionable for all ages people

It luggage World’s Lightest New York 32″ Softside Spinner Luggage:

This classic It luggage line keeps its robust design construction while integrating enhanced the features such as an 8-wheel rolling system, beautiful colors, optimal volumes, and not forgetting extra security.

This particular “It luggage World’s Lightest” is constructed of high-density polyester fabric and has a strong fibreglass frame with a single-piece aluminum locking handle mechanism.

The look of this It luggage may look so simple, but it provides quality service.

It luggage World's Lightest New York
Image: Amazon


  • The frame is deceptively sturdy and built to last despite its low weight.
  • Abrasion-resistant, lightweight material extends the life of the product.
  • Interior flat packing-‘No pipes mean more excellent space and wrinkle-free apparel.
  • Superior wheel control-Constant design and testing ensure that our wheels outshine the competition.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 31.5x 18.3×10.2″, Interior Dimensions: 28x 17.9×10.2″, 5.29 pounds
  • Pockets- There’s an outside zip pocket for quick access to essentials and an internal zip mesh pocket for better organizing.


  • Lightweight easy to move
  • Strong durability
  • Enough space


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Less fashionable

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It luggage Influential Hardside Spinner, Coral Punch, Checked-Medium 26-Inch

The set comprises an ultra-lightweight aluminum trolley system and eight easy-rolling spinning wheels for 360-degree movement.

Two interior zip slots, a zipped divider, and two tie straps keep your valuable’s things safe and well organized.

There are lots of travelers who always prefer simple luggage.

So that is why the manufacturer built this simple one.

Eight wheels are red color premium looks can grab anyone’s attention.

It luggage Influential Hardside Spinner, Coral Punch, Checked-Medium 26-Inch
Image: Amazon


  • The performance is ensured by constant design and testing.
  • Security is provided by a recessed combination lock on the top panel.
  • Dimensions on the outside: 21.5x 15.6x 9.4′′
  • 6.05 pounds, 19.8x 15.3x 9.4′′ inside dimensions


  • Strong defenses system.
  • Laptop or tablet pocket with a lockable hard side pocket
  • Two zip pockets are included in each case.


  • The price is a little bit higher.
  • Get dirty quickly.

It luggage Maxpace Softside Spinner Wheel

So by seeing the title, you can guess the quality of this It luggage.

Maxpace, yes, you heard me right. Enough space for all your necessary things.

If you plan to go on a long vacation or tour, then my friend, you should buy this Maxpace Softside It luggage.

This is a quality and premium design IT luggage that you have been looking for for a long time.

The Maxpace It luggage is a one-of-a-kind base and top platform that allows us to full fill all necessary things, documents, and clots.

To keep our belongings organized and secure, this It luggage is alone enough. No need to worry about space also security.

It luggage Maxpace Softside Spinner Wheel
Image: Amazon


  • Sturdy base and top platforms, as well as fiberglass poles, provide a protective structure that is lightweight and constructed to last.
  • Maximum packing capacity – The original It luggage design provides far more packing space than the typical.
  • Stability has improved the 8-wheeler – The recessed wheel design adds strength and protection to the vehicle.
  • In every situation, a ten-year guarantee of quality!
  • Specifications of the bag: Ext Dimensions: 31. 1 x 19. 5 x 12. 4″, Internal Dimensions: 29. 4 x 19. 3 x 12. 4″, 5. 80lbs Medium Case – External Dimensions: 27 x 17.1 x 11″, Internal Dimensions: 25 x 16.9 x 11″, Weight: 4.98lbs Ext Dimensions: 21. 5 x 14 x 8. 5″, Int Dimensions: 19. 5 x 13. 8 x 8. 5″, Weight: 4. 21 lbs


  • Affordable price
  • Matches any outfit
  • Perfect gig for any traveling girl


  • Not enough space in luggage.
  • Get’s dirty so quickly

IT luggage Unicorn Cabin

Unicorn cabin It luggage is one of the popular designs among all the It luggage.

17-inch cabin box was made of durable fiberglass structure.

The Unicorn Cabin It luggage is very lightweight and extremely strong. This is a ‘non-pipes’ design It luggage;

It includes more space even though its size is mini. Unique design, robust security, and unique looks made it one of the most popular It luggage. 

It luggage Unicorn Cabin
Image: Amazon


  • Sturdy fiberglass construction
  • Rose Gold accents
  • Eye-catching, vibrant print design
  • 10-Year Warranty – Wide Comfort Handle
  • Dimensions on the outside: 55 x 40 x 20cm
  • Dimensions of the interior: 49 x 38 x 20cm
  • 1.8 kilograms.


  • Very cute and best for kids
  • It will draw the attention of people
  • Easy to carry because it’s so small.


  • Compared to other IT luggage space is small.
  • Not everyone can use it.

It luggage Quaint 3 Piece Hard side Expandable Spinner Luggage Set:

The ABS exterior is accentuated with two faux leather stripes, giving it a dapper appearance.

Each case is equipped with eight beautiful spinner wheels that provide superior control and maneuverability.

Two tie-down straps and a zippered divider are included in the fully lined interior to keep your items secure and tidy.

The space extension option provides a 25% increase in packing capacity. so that you can pack more when you need it and lighten up when you don’t.

A 10-year warranty backs the Quaint collection, so you can confidently travel knowing that the It baggage brand will look after your trip after the trip.

On your next vacation, travel with confidence and ease.

It luggage Quaint 3 Piece Hard side Expandable Spinner Luggage Set
Image: Amazon


  • Specifications of the bag:
  • Large Case – Ext Dims: 31.5 x 22 x 13.2″ + 3″
  • Exclusive carry handles – Designed in-house by it baggage for comfort and convenience of use.


  • Exclusive carry handles .
  • Space extension from the centre.
  • Leather-look trim-


  • The design could be improved
  • Doesn’t look gorgeous compared to other It luggage.

It Girl Women’s Underseater (16″), Black:

If you are a woman and looking for It luggage, this special design could be your best friend for your next adventure trip.

Because of its smooth handling and easy-to-grasp handlebars, a traveler always wants a stress-free experience, and a girl prefers to relax tour. So you can go for it.

However, every case provides enough packing space as well as additional sections for organizing small travel necessities, such as passports, documents, and other necessary stuff.

It Girl Women's Underseater (16"), Black:
Image: Amazon


  • Superior wheel control – Constant design testing assures that the wheels outperform the competition.
  • Ergonomic Handle – For enhanced strength, superior comfort is paired with lightweight aluminum tubing.
  • Semitransparent system – a convenient expanded at the base provides additional room without jeopardizing stability.
  • In every situation, a ten-year guarantee of quality is provided.
  • 15.7 x 12.8 x 11.8


  • Small in size, but it can carry more weight
  • Easy to maintain because of its size
  • Best choice for girls because they can easily lift it and take it anywhere.


  • Not ideal for a long trip.
  • There is no space for accessories.

IT luggage GT-LITE – CABIN

GT lite Cabin It luggage can be your best partner or traveling friend for your next journey.

Usually, a traveler always wants a stress-free experience. No one wants to be stressed or inconvenienced due to luggage.

Thanks to It luggage, because of its smooth maneuverability and easy-to-grasp handlebars, travelers can easily move here and there.

Each case has plenty of packing space for clothes, important documents, and extra compartments for keeping minor travel essentials.

IT luggage reviews
Image: Amazon


  • Four wheels provide 360-degree maneuverability.
  • Easy to grab top handle.
  • The front zip pocket is large enough to hold travel documents.
  • A mesh pocket and two slide pockets on the inside are ideal for toiletries.
  • Two interior tie straps keep your items secure while traveling.
  • 55 x 35.5 x 21.5cm (exterior dimensions)
  • Dimensions of the interior: 48 x 35 x 21.5cm
  • 36L packing capacity, 2kg weight


  • Matches with age of the person.
  • Easy maneuverable.
  • The front zip pocket provides enough space, which helps a lot.


  • The zipper inside the bag broke, and the tight section was missing.
  • Not enough space in the luggage
  • 4 Wheels is a little problem.
     Name     Weight      Exterior   Dimension (cm)      Interior   Dimension(cm)
IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 22″3.75lbs21.8 x 14.2 x 7.319.1 x 13.4 x 7.3
  GT lite Cabin           4.409 lbs    55×35.5×21.5  48x35x21.5cm
  World’s Lightest New York 32″Softside Spinner Luggage                     5.291 lbs       31.5×18.3×10.2        28x17.9×10.2
  It Girl 28.7″ Duet 8 Wheel Lightweight Expandable Spinner, Orchid                          7.8 lbs       28.7×19.3×11.8        26×18.9×11.8
It luggage Influential Hard side Spinner, Coral Punch, Checked-Medium 26-Inch                       6.05 lbs            21.5×15.6×9.4            19.8×15.3×9.4
It luggage Unicorn Cabin              3.97 lbs          55x40x20         49x38x20
  It luggage Quilte Lightweight Expandable Spinner                  6.75 lbs       31.3×19.3×11.2        29×18.9×11.2
  It luggage Quaint 3 Piece Hard side Expandable Spinner Luggage Set                        9.48 lbs        27.6×19.3×11.6          25×17.7×11.6
  It Girl Women’s Underseater (16″), Black: Clothing                      5.79 lbs         55.6×35.6×22        49×37.4×22.3
Comparison Table

Why buy IT luggage?

One thought may come to your mind why should you buy IT luggage?

Because there are various types of luggage available in the market, then why IT luggage only?

So now, I will describe some unique features that will make you confident regarding buying IT luggage.

Why buy IT Luggage
Why buy IT Luggage


When we think about buying luggage, one thing always comes to our mind, which is durability.

Actually, we are not going to buy luggage every month. Buying luggage means a one-time investment.

So that is why always go after durability. In this case, IT luggage could be the best choice for you.

You won’t have to worry about durability.

Overall, most of the It luggage is made of hard shells, which are extremely durable.

I mean, we often buy IT luggage for an extended vacation or international trip.

So if you are looking for durable luggage, then please go for It luggage because the construction of It luggage is extremely durable.


The significant benefit of carrying IT luggage is that it is very easy to maintain.

Traditional luggage has so many complications and is hard to maintain, but in the case of It luggage, you won’t have to endure such pain.

On the other hand, IT luggage only requires a fast wipe with a wet or dry cloth to be clean again.

Because the space within It luggage is not lined with fabric, moreover, It luggage is a brand, and you know it is always easy to maintain brand products.  


It luggage is known for being simpler to handle; It doesn’t matter where you are.

The place isn’t essential. Weather it’s a crowded place or none crowded place; you can easily handle the It luggage.

The eight wheels of IT luggage made it super maneuverable.

Strong wheels made maneuvering capacity much easier.

It’s practically hard to overturn, drag, or lose balance on a big bag if it doesn’t have flexible wheels, but IT luggage has strong wheels and a 360° movement capacity.

Indeed it is a great advantage for travellers, who usually move to the airport and are always in a rush.

Four-wheel bags may be balanced, but eight wheels. IT Luggage is something with great portability capacity.

It can also be pushed in front of you, which is very useful for carrying IT luggage because you can turn your luggage sideways to wheel it along the aisle rather than lifting it to carry it. 


You won’t have to worry about theft because of most IT luggage’s integrated locks.

The specialty of IT luggage is that it’s 100% secure. I mean, it is safe and secure.

The It luggage company has focused on its security, and they didn’t negotiate with that term.

So if you have valuable things such as a laptop, mobile and important documents, you should go for It luggage because it will provide 100% security.


IT luggage is available in multiple colours.

It’s enough to express your fashion sense.

Like if you want red, yellow, blue, or any type of colour to express your style and fashion sense, then you can have it.

In the market there are lots of various colours IT luggage is available and of course different styles also.

So if you are thinking about expressing your personality and maturity, or want to surprise people around you, you should have an It luggage.

How To Choose The Best It Luggage:

It luggage is one of the best travel partners for yourself.

It will keep your clothes and traveling material fitted inside. To get the best IT luggage one has to check some points of It luggage.

Mostly the important part of an It luggage is its weight, exterior dimension, and interior dimension.

First of all, think about the weight because you have to lift the luggage with you on your traveling so always look for lightweight luggage.

Then about the dimension. It Luggage has exterior and interior dimensions.

If you need more space, like you have more clothes and materials to take in your travel, then go for extended interior and exterior dimensions.

It will provide you more space to keep your things inside though the weight will increase too.

Also, every It luggage has its pros and cons. I have mentioned all the pros and cons above every It luggage.

If you always keep an eye on these points before buying It luggage, you will be able to get the best It luggage to your taste.

FAQ on IT Luggage review:

How to clean IT Luggage:

It’s effortless to clean IT luggage. You must clean the outside of your IT luggage with non-detergent soap and warm water.

You have to gently scrub the outside part of your checked bag and carry one.

Never use bleach or any kind of spot remover; this will damage your luggage.

Is IT luggage better than any other normal luggage? 

Well, IT luggage is far better than any other luggage. It is very lightweight compared to other luggage.

It has lots of space to fit your clothes perfectly inside it. All the materials used to make it luggage are far more durable and of good quality than the usual luggage build.

It makes IT luggage more durable than average luggage. You can easily carry it anywhere on the go.

Final Verdict

There are numerous advantages to carrying on It luggage, especially if you are a regular traveller who prefers to get in and out of airports quickly.

IT luggage will invariably do a better job of safeguarding your goods and will also absorb knocks and jostles.

It eliminates the need to be concerned about weight constraints, and you’ll never have to worry about your It luggage exceeding the carry-on size limits.

Most importantly, you may be assured that no one will be able to rummage into your suitcase or gain access to your stuff. For modern travellers,

IT luggage is the best choice in every aspect.

So if you are considering buying luggage for yourself, why not It luggage? 

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