If you are looking for luxurious, innovative, and long-lasting Suitcase and travel bags made of premium quality material, you will first think of Tumi. Tumi has been serving the global demand for luxury Suitcase and backpacks for years. And over the year, they have positioned their brand in customers’ mindset as a premium quality brand.

But there is a saying that first impression matters, and because of their flagship pricing, Tumi products automatically get that first impression of premium quality. As the phone is the premium luxury of smartphones and Rolex is the aesthetics of wrist watch same goes for Tumi. Tumi is that super brand of travel bags and Backpacks. But why is Tumi so expensive

Why is Tumi so expensive? 

It is undeniable that even higher class people find Tumi travel bags and backpacks so expensive. But what makes those products so expensive is their policy of quality over quantity. Besides, there are also a lot of reasons why Tumi products are so expensive. These are 

Luxury Brand 

Tumi is called a luxurious brand because of its high-quality products with high pricing and uniqueness in designs. We can call Tumi the Louis Vuitton of the travel bag and backpack industry. With the use of ballistic nylon fabric, Tumi differentiates its products from its market competitors and positions itself as a luxurious brand. The use of Ballistic Nylon gives the products both uniqueness and quality.

A good number of testing 

Tumi wants its customers to get the best product in the market which will last longer than any other available same competing products. And for this reason, Tumi puts a number of different tests, counting a total of 30 in-house tests. This fact ensures that the product will be durable and long-lasting. 

Why is Tumi so expensive
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Use of quality material

In most cases, it is seen that a new company uses good quality materials at the begging to build the company’s reputation and market. And later on, they cut their production cost by using bad quality materials. But in the case of Tumi, they are maintaining their fame for over 47 years.

Designed for lasting longer 

No one would like to spend a good amount of money on any product which does not last long. And Tumi knows the fact. This is why they prioritized the long-lasting ability of their bags. No matter if you are traveling the edge of the world or climbing Mount Everest with a Tumi backpack, your Tumi backpack won’t disappoint you.

Tumi designs every product in a way that will be hard-wearing, sturdy, and durable. And these lasting, longer suitcases and bags create a positive image in the mindset of their customers that Tumi products are durable, long-lasting, but not flashy. 

Innovative designs

There is a saying that “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,” and this saying is also applicable to products too. In order to always be on top and different from others, every product should be innovative and unique in its nature.

As Tumi knows the fact, it always tries to make its products irreplaceable and unique by using: innovations such as the Omega closure system, ballistic Nylon, and a Handle system called X- Brace45 and uses all these innovative features in simplistic designs without exaggerations, unlike other competing brands.

This is why Tumi bags and luggage are always innovative and unique in design. Besides, there are a number of supporting services that back up the brand positioning of Tumi as a luxurious and expensive brand in the customer mindset. These supporting services are as follows 

Support to field-level employees 

To provide good support to the customers, a company first treats its employees well. Tumi knows that it is the employees who actually run their business at a basic level, and without treating them well and having good employee policies, they cannot attract the best talent and brightest minds in their company.

This is why Tumi offers a number of supporting services to their employees, which shows how caring the company is. And the benefits list includes the following 

  1. A good amount of discount to the employees on Tumi products 
  2. 40000 dollars a year plan for employees 
  3. Vacations tour for the best performing employees 
  4. Paid sick leave for employees 
  5. Great work environment 

Premium customer support 

Tumi offers 24/7 customer support to every actual and potential customer. If you have any question regarding any of their product or how it works, or if you have any trouble using their bags, you can call anytime and expect good assistance and solution from the Tumi premium customer support team. 

Tumi warranty 

Being a global brand, Tumi offers a number of warranties to its customers. The warranty offered by the company includes different conditions and time durations. Such as, before 2006, Tumi used to offer a lifetime warranty, but now it offers only five years warranty.

If you buy a Tumi product, then for the first 12 months, the company will cover any type of damage done to the bag by both yourself and customs or transit staff. But after one year of purchase, damage dealt with customs or transit officers does not fall under the warranty. If the warranty is valid, Tumi will either replace the product or send a new one if the model is no longer available. 


The governing body and the company management of Tumi are highly supportive of their employees; management ensures that the employees get the best working environment so that they do not get depressed or bored. More importantly, Tumi makes sure that employees are not facing any hustle in the workplace.  


Tumi not only cares about its employees and customers, but it also cares about society and every stakeholder living in the society. In 2010 Tumi raised millions of dollars for the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals. In 2011 Tumi launched an initiative known as taking you home, where they donated specially designed travel cases to St. Jude students.

Fighting heinous crimes

Tumi, in one of its statements, said that the company’s business structure and supply chain would not tolerate any modern slavery or human trafficking. With its Standard of Engagement system, Tumi reduces the risk of child labor and modern slavery. 

All these sales and after-sales services, including activities for society, positioned the brand value of Tumi high in customers’ mindsets. It had been possible because of both consumer emotions toward the brand and the product & service quality offered by Tumi. And this is also the reason why is Tumi’s briefcase so expensive.

Why is Tumi so expensive
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Is Tumi worth it? 

Most of the time, new customers who are buying Tumi suitcases for the first time do not think about the quality or the price of the Tumi suitcases at all. New customers buy Tumi products based on temptation and recommendations. But there lies the question is it worth it? The answer is yes.

In case you are a new customer and asking the question, then it is better to remember that the money you will pay for any Tumi product is not the indicator of durability or quality. You will be paying for the brand value of Tumi. So, the answer is yes, it is worth buying Tumi suitcases and luggage if it is about social recognition. The rest of the factors, such as durability and quality, will follow. 

Is Tumi a good brand? 

The answer is yes, it is a good brand for luxurious premium quality bags and Suitcase. But the actual question should be, is Tumi a good brand for you? And it is a subjective question because a brand can be both good and bad depending on the customer’s needs and purchasing power. No doubt Tumi offers one of the best quality bags in the world, but if you have purchasing ability and are concerned about fashion, then there are other brands that would fit much better than Tumi with customization features and so on.

But in case you want a durable and long-lasting suitcase and luggage, then you should go for Tumi. But what is the catch is, you will find some companies offering the same long-lasting and durable bags and Suitcase at the same price range. SO why should you buy Tumi bags? The answer is if you are conservative about social status and want to feel more confident, then you should obviously go for a Tumi suitcase or backpack. And only then will it be a good brand choice for you.  

Are Tumi suitcases worth the price? Aren’t they overpriced? 

When you are considering buying a Tumi suitcase, you definitely should have the financial capability. As one of the luxurious brands, Tumi suitcases are definitely worth the price. Tumi suitcases are not for those who are concerned about price. Tumi suitcases last for longer with a five years warranty, and it has a high brand value. So, for those who have no issue with price, the Tumi suitcase will be an excellent choice, and these suitcases are not overpriced.    

Are Tumi carry-ons worth it?  

The answer is yes. If you measure the trade-off between how much you are paying for a Tumi product and how much utility and benefits you are getting in return, then definitely, Tumi carry-ons are worth the price you pay for them. Most of the Tumi carry-on provides dual entry to the main compartment features along with Durafold construction, premium quality ballistic nylon fabric, an aircraft-graded aluminum telescopic handle system, and an integrated USB port to power up your phones and many more features.

If you need more convincing read my Tumi Carry-On Review, I’m sure you will agree on the price tag after that.

Why are Tumi backpacks so expensive? 

The main reasons behind the high cost of the Tumi backpack are the material cost, brand value, and high advertising cost. Tumi uses FTX ballistic nylon fabric and premium quality leather. With all the premium materials involved, it is important to know how to clean Tumi backpack. Tumi designs each of its backpacks for serving special purposes such as day trips and hiking. Tumi designs ultra-durable bags, and for students who carry a lot of staff,

Tumi has backpacks with lots of interior and exterior pockets and features. Besides, the other two major reasons for the high cost of Tumi backpacks are their advertisement cost and brand value. Tumi, as a part of Samsonite International, spent 100 million dollars on advertising back in 2021. 

Why is Tumi so expensive
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Where is Tumi made? 

Tumi suitcases and bags are made in multiple locations around the world. Although Tumi was established in 1975 in Edison, New Jersey, it has its manufacturing plants in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Dominican Republic. 

Pros and Cons of Tumi 


  • Quality Fabrics and Zippers
  • Specialized internal compartment
  • High Capacity and Durability


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Empty weight can be high

Where can I find affordable Tumi? 

You can find Tumi suitcases and luggage at affordable prices on many different websites that give discounts on Tumi products. There are many websites that stock Tumi products and sales on their websites, and if their stocks are left unsold for a long time, those websites give huge discounts on Tumi suitcases and bags.

For example, PCworld.com can provide you with lots of coupon codes on Tumi products where you can get up to 70% of Tumi bags and can save up to 60% on new arrivals. Besides, you can directly buy Tumi bags from Modesens.com at a huge discounted price. Moreover, Amazon can also be a good source of Tumi luggage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I was shipped the wrong product, color, or size of Tumi product

If you buy Tumi bags or suitcases from official Tumi websites and get the wrong product, it is recommended to contact the Tumi customer service department and tell them about the issue. As I have mentioned earlier, they have the best customer support team.

They will even provide the shipping charge and will take the product and replace the product with the right one. But for that, you must know your order number. And you also have to have the information regarding the difference between the product you received and the product you ordered. 

When should I expect my products to be shipped? 

Ordering a Tumi product and getting it in your hand totally depends on where are you ordering from? And what is your location? If you are ordering from the official site of Tumi, then you can get your Tumi product within 1 or 2 days after the product leaves the Tumi warehouse. But mostly, the delivery time depends on the shipping method you select. And if you get a mail regarding the shipping date on any public holiday, then you will receive your delivery after one or two days when the holiday ends. 

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, Tumi does not just replace the damaged Tumi bags within the warranty time. Tumi also refunds the full purchase price. But for that, you have to return their product within 30 days of purchase. Return price will exclude shipping cost, handling cost, and gift box. 

Final Verdict 

Tumi suitcases and backpacks are high-end luxurious products and expensive too. But In return, Tumi offers a durable and quality Suitcase that has high brand value. However, most Tumi customers believe that the old Tumi bags and luggage were much more durable and stronger. Tumi still maintains its reputation with the same quality and design, and durability. And all these features clearly answer why Tumi is so expensive?  

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