You know that a luggage cover can help protect your case in transportation and make it easy to identify at luggage collection.

So, stand out from the body with a luggage cover that satisfies the needs of your next adventure.

For the comfort of use, look for one that offers comfortable access to your belongings and slots or openings for both the wheels and handles.

So, dive in and learn about the best luggage covers that exist on planet earth!

What is the best luggage cover?

In a rush? Our expert bets on Yotako clear PVC Suitcase cover. Check this one out!

If clear covers are not for you, then HoJax Spandex Travel Luggage Cover is by far the best in the list for me!


Best Luggage Covers

Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover Protectors

  • Available in 20-, 24-, 28-, and 30-inch choices.

Why Should You Buy A Luggage Cover?

One is to preserve your luggage from the certain bumps and marks that happen during traveling — from surrendering your suitcase to a series of trolleys and baggage handlers to shoving your carry-on into a crowded overhead bin.

Your bright new suitcase may claim to be super solid and repellent to almost anything.

Still, in reality, the hardships of air travel and baggage handlers can ultimately take their toll.

Luggage covers can help preserve your case from the cracks and injuries of flying and prevent dirt, dust, and other ruins from your evenly packed belongings.

A well-wrapped cover can also serve as a restraint to light-fingered thieves, as a crack in the wrapping is a particular sign that it has been tampered with through transit.

5 Best luggage Covers ( Editor short view) ;

Image Product Details  Price
Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover ProtectorsYotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover ProtectorsNote: Easy-to-use tool and loop conclusion. Check Price
HoJax Spandex Travel Luggage CoverHoJax Spandex Travel Luggage CoverNote: luggage cover is possible in 4 sizes to fitCheck Price
Explore Land Suitcase ProtectorExplore Land Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector.Note: strengthen durability.Check Price
Bigcarjob Trendy Luggage CoverBIGCARJOB Trendy Luggage CoverNote: Washable.Check Price
Showudesigns Printed Luggage CoverShowudesigns Printed Luggage CoverNote: offer extra protection against the elements.Check Price

Do Luggage Covers Work?

If you use a weak case or one that’s practically ancient, nothing may protect it from injury in transit.

But for more modern and robust patients, luggage covers can offer an extra sheet of protection worth analyzing.

At the very slightest, a luggage cover can protect your bag from the dirt and oil of the luggage trucks and belts, as well as keep zip strains and handles from being locked or ripped off.

They will also help you immediately identify your event at arrivals, indicating you can be out of the airport significantly quicker than your fellow travelers.

Top 10 Best Luggage Covers for Travel In 2021:

Because not all luggage covers are produced equal, here are some of the most attractive and the 10 best Luggage Covers that you must like.

1. HoJax Spandex Travel Luggage Cover

Available in a selection of sleek black or brightly patterned colorways, this super-stretchy luggage cover is possible in 4 sizes to fit small, medium, large and extra-large suitcases containing 19 to 32 inches.

Super-vivid designs and designs make it easy to recognize your luggage on the belt, and this cover can be removed after every experience, allowing you to use it time and time again.

Double-stitched for extra stability, this luggage cover will help to protect your suitcase from cuts and scratches, as well as dust and dust that could probably get inside and soil your belongings.

Best Luggage Covers
Image: Amazon

2. Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover Protectors

This cellophane luggage cover is intended to protect your situation in transit, available in 20-, 24-, 28-, and 30-inch choices.

Building high-quality materials, this bag cover can be done repeatedly to retain your suitcase safe from injuries, cuts, spots, dust, and even moisture on the go.

With an easy-to-use tool and loop conclusion, you can drive this luggage cover over your cases instantly. At the same time, the cutaway sections allow your wheels to roll easily and your handle to be located as usual.

Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover Protectors
Image: Amazon

3. HoJax Luggage Cover

If you’re watching for a thick and robust luggage cover, then the HoJax Spandex Luggage Cover is excellent.

Constructed from 92% polyester and 8% spandex, the body is flexible, waterproof, and fits luggage parts of all sizes.

Moreover, it’s strong and can withstand all sorts of flavors and scrapes that usually come with travel now. In fact, according to one commentator, Hojax is like “spandex” for cases!

What’s best about the luggage cover is the understanding of its design.

For one, it emphasizes double stitches to all points, ensuring more significant levels of stability.

Secondly, the fabric highlights openings for the side handles, the roof handle, and the telescoping grip.

Finally, the zipper closing at the bottom ensures that the cover won’t open away. Above all, the body is machine permanent as well as easy to do.

Aside from getting in many patterns and colors, the cover is also possible in four sizes – S, M, L, and XL. So, you can buy a complete set to suit your carry-ons, middle-sized baggage, as well as heavy-duty things.

HoJax Luggage Cover
Image: Amazon


  • Innovative design.
  • Durable.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Zipper durability is a bit dicey.

4. Showudesigns Printed Luggage Cover

Ready to choose “sloth” or “flower” designs, these super attractive luggage covers are light enough to spot even on the most active luggage conveyor zones while also being strong enough to offer extra protection against the elements.

Built from polyester and spandex elements, this compact and durable suitcase cover will keep your bag safe from cuts and scratches as well as dirt and dust.

The unique digital print will ensure that your subject reaches out from the crowd.

Showudesigns Printed Luggage Cover
Image: Amazon

These covers are ready in 3 sizes to fit small, medium, and important cases and are incredibly easy to remove and serve.

5. TOGEDI Travel Luggage Cover – Gigabit PVC Baggage Cover

The plastic Gigabit PVC Baggage Cover is registered as an Amazon’s Choice object. It’s a label that’s kept for well-priced and high-rated goods.

Thus, you can surely trust this protective luggage cover to make the job done.

Most users prefer this clear luggage cover for its durability and robustness. If you’re not concerned about style, this cover preserves luggage better than the stretchy fabric ones.

Although it’s waterproof and comparatively thicker, it’s not complicated. So you won’t feel the weight moving it about.

It has better protection from water than many other cheaper luggage covers.

Moreover, the cover is also abrasion and scratch-resistant, saving your bag from damage and breakage.

Last but not least, it’s so bright that your luggage is immediately recognizable on the carousel.

TOGEDI Travel Luggage Cover
Image: Amazon

With its availability in five varying sizes, you can have protections for all luggage, including under-seat luggage.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Durable and robust.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not high on the style quotient.

6. Explore Land Suitcase Protector

If you’ve had poor experiences of luggage being lost at airports, you might like this graphic cover.

The Explore Land Suitcase Protector is hard to lose and hard to miss with its striking designs and colors! Built from 85% polyester and 15% spandex, the luggage cover is strong, thick, and flexible all at once.

Many leaders make this cover so good. For one, it has double stitches along with the terms that strengthen the seams and strengthen durability.

Secondly, the suitcase side wields, top handle, and telescoping handle emphasizes invisible zippers for keeping luggage quickly.

Finally, the zipper closing at the bottom of the luggage cover ensures that the body stays on the whole time and doesn’t slip or shift.

Explore Land Suitcase Protector
Image: Amazon

Fall, that wasn’t enough. The luggage cover is super stingy. And, it’s possible in four flexible sizes.


  • Durable.
  • Excellent patterns and prints.
  • Inexpensive.


  • The sizing might be a little too small in the middle.

7. Swiky Luggage Cover

Another vast transparent PVC luggage cover protector is the Swiky Luggage Cover.

It’s obtained to fit some of the most common luggage brands, including Kenneth Cole, American Tourister, Samsonite, and their peers.

The seethrough luggage protector is assembled from PVC material and emphasizes a velcro closure at the bottom.

Even though it’s not a zipper closing, it works tolerably well without any issues.

Plus, the see-through element allows you to show off your beautiful suitcase while protecting it at an equal time.

Also, it keeps it away from injuries, abrasions, dirt, dust, and even water.

Swiky Luggage Cover
Image: Amazon

Away from the above, the Swiky Luggage Cover also has cracks on the right side and the telescoping handle, and the roof handle.

What’s more, it’s ready in six sizes, from 20 to 32 inches (51 to 81 cm). At an affordable price, this strong transparent luggage cover is deserving of every cent.


  • Strong.
  • Economical.
  • Value-for-money.
  • 30-day full refund warranty.


  • Some users have been informed that the handles don’t align correctly.

8. Samsonite Printed Cover

Do you want a traditional yet straightforward suitcase cover pulling behind you as you sashay under the airport?

Then the Samsonite Printed Cover is deserving of every copper. It only fits that the best luggage protective cover on this program comes from Samsonite, one of the world’s greatest luggage brands.

The cover is manufactured with water-resistant and strong spandex and polyester blend. So it expands to fit over the suitcase.

It’s possible in three sizes, M, L, and XL, and will suit all your luggage, including carry-ons and checked-in individuals.

The cover comes in a scale of minimalistic unique prints and styles, so now you nevermore have to search for your case on the carousel.

Quick-access zipper cracks on the side and at the top are significant for exposing the carry handles.

Finally, the cover can be easily folded and even comes with a storage pouch.

Samsonite Printed Cover
Image: Amazon


  • The fitting is excellent.
  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Prints are unique and exceptional.


  • Durability is a bit of an issue.

9. Myosotis510 Cartoon Suitcase Cover

Are you the face of cartoons? This sport Cartoon Suitcase Cover from Myosotis510 is perfect for both kids and adults.

The cartoon suitcase cover comprises 85% polyester and 15% spandex and is both flexible and robust.

Moreover, its depth and build also make it water-resistant, as well as preserve your luggage from injuries.

Finally, it’s different. A kind of design makes it directly recognizable on the carousel, no matter how filled it is.

When it comes to closing and ease of use, the luggage cover protector doesn’t happen shortly. It emphasizes double stitching on all sides, strengthening the seams.

Plus, it has openings for the suitable side holder, the telescoping handle, and the carry title at the head.

The zipper closing at the bottom seals it to completion, making positive your bag is fully protected.

Myosotis510 Cartoon Suitcase Cover
Image: Amazon

This sport yet helpful cartoon suitcase cover is possible in four different sizes, just what your luggage essentials.


  • Fun, unique cartoon prints.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Washable.


  • None.

10. BIGCARJOB Trendy Luggage Cover

The Bigcarjob Trendy Luggage Cover is suitable for its name. It’s one of the most stylish luggage protective covers you can get for your suitcase.

It features colorful prints and patterns, including buses, pineapples, and even candies, cityscapes, and mandala ones.

Moreover, it also has a custom configuration option, where you can choose what to put on the suitcase cover.

It’ll not just keep your suitcase safe but will be designed by you, and it’ll be different to boot.

Bigcarjob Trendy Luggage Cover
Image: Amazon

Besides the pattern making your luggage immediately recognizable, the Bigcarjob cover is simple to slip on and remove.

It proceeds from 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Moreover, the surface emphasizes well-placed openings for the telescoping holder, top handle, and side handles.

The zipper closing at the bottom seals the deal.

Apart from being possible in four sizes, the cover is permanent too. All in all, it’s an excellent choice for preserving your luggage.


  • Excellent design options, including custom design.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Washable.
  • Four sizes.


  • Zipper durability is doubtful.
Bigcarjob Trendy Luggage Cover
The luggage cover size.


Luggage covers are a trendy item that many people believe is a waste of money. 

There are essentially two opinions on whether or not luggage covers are worth the investment: those who think they’re worth it and those who don’t.

I surely belong to group 1, which thinks it is worth it.

And why won’t I spend on it as it is protecting my luggage and also making it look more unique than others!

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FAQs For Best Luggage Covers

Does the TSA allow luggage covers?

Yes, the TSA allow luggage covers.

What are luggage covers for?

Luggage covers present an extra layer of protection for your case.
They can lessen the blow of punches and knocks as well as stop injuries from ruining your beloved luggage.

Can I wrap my luggage in plastic?

Wrapping your bag in plastic can give some measure of protection against injuries and also prevent an overstuffed or damaged case from bursting open.
However, if TSA officers are required to search your issue, they will cast the plastic off.

Can I duct tape my luggage?

Duct tape will not give the same security as a private luggage cover would.
It will, however, act as an increased deterrent to criminals looking for a quick exploration.
You can put duct lines around zippers to ensure your bags, but a remote lock and cover are advised.

Are luggage protector covers waterproof?

The answer is it depends on the type of material. Some of them are waterproof, and some of them are not waterproof!

How do I protect my luggage when flying?

The best way to protect your luggage when flying is by using a luggage cover. These covers are designed to help keep your luggage dry and shielded from the elements. 

Are luggage covers a good idea?

Well, it depends on the user and the condition. I personally like them!