A duffle bag gives cross features of a suitcase and rucksack. Moreover, it has a bucket full of features! On top of it, it can be used for traveling, gym, business purposes, and so many other ways.

It is surely going to be your next girlfriend! But I am assuring you, with great power comes great responsibilities.

When you carry something regularly, there is a high chance of making it dirty. You don’t want to be accompanied by a stinky duffle bag.

Thus, washiing the duffle bag is a must. This article will surely guide you on how to wash a duffle bag and will make your duffle bag look prettier than your girlfriend :p.

how to clean a duffle bag
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Is a duffle bag washable?

The first question should be, can you clean a duffle bag in the first place? The answer depends on the type of duffle bag you are using and what type of cleaning you are talking about. A lot of varieties of duffle bags are available in the market, and most of them are washable with cleaning detergent.

Whether you can wash a duffle bag or not also depends on the type of fabric used in it. You definitely won’t like to wash your leather-made duffle bag in detergent water. But if a duffle bag is made of the following fabric, then it can be washed.

1. Canvas
2. Nylon
3. Polyester
4. Cotton
5. Acrylic
6. Vinyl
7. Linen

In the case of Canvas made duffle bag try to use your hand to wash the bag, and in the case of a cotton-made duffle bag, check the label before washing the bag.

Make sure you know about your duffle bag! By knowing about the materials of your duffle bag, you will reduce the chance of destroying your bag.

How to clean a duffle bag?

If your duffle bag is washable, then it is preferred to deep clean the bag. And it can be done by anyone with a small amount of detergent in a bathtub and using a scrub brush. You don’t have to know the rocket science for this!  

Following is a step-by-step process of how to wash a duffle bag.

Step 1.             At first, make sure your duffle bag is empty. Don’t laugh at me, it is a very important step because I have damaged so many important documents as I skipped this step!

Step 2.             Put the empty duffle bag in your bathtub but do not fill the tub with water yet.
Step 3.             Mix a quarter ounce of detergent powder with cool water in a separate bucket. The water should not exceed 50 degrees temperate as it may damage your duffle bag.
Step 4.               Take a scrub brush and dip the brush in the detergent mixed water bucket, and use the brush to thoroughly wash the outer parts of the duffle bag. Refrain from applying excess pressure in this step as it can easily damage the bag.
Step 5.             Use a shower gun to clean off the dirt from the outside of the duffle bag, or you can also use a flow of water.
Step 6.             Again, clean the inside of your duffle bag using the detergent mixed water. Take your time in this step and make sure it is cleaned properly.
Step 7.             Use the shower gun to rinse the suds from your duffle bags interior
Step 8.             Remove the bag from the bathtub and let it stay outside for drying in the air.
Step 9.             Use antibacterial wipes to clean the inner pockets of your duffle bags
Step 10.         While washing, you can use stain remover in particular areas with dirt that are strongly stuck. 
Step 11.         While washing the bag, you can also use a vacuum or lint roller to clean the interior of the bag, if it is made of polyester nylon. Thus knowing about the fabric of your bag is important.

These are the steps you can follow to wash and clean your duffle bag.

how to clean a duffle bag
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Can you machine wash a duffle bag? 

There are two or three ways to wash your duffle bag. You can use detergent and a brush to clean the bag by yourself, or you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to wash off the dirt, but can you really wash your duffle bag using a washing machine?

The answer is yes, you can. But it depends on the type of fabric used in your duffle bag. A leather-made duffle bag is not recommended to put in a washing machine.

But if it is made of other types of fabrics, then you can surely machine wash your duffle bag.

Remember there are some restrictions to keep in mind when putting your bag in the washing machine.

Make sure your duffle bag is not too large for the washer drum, and also make sure your bag does not have any clothes or any other things in it.

If your duffle bag has something in it, then it will not let the washer drum spin. Also, make sure your duffle bag zippers are open when you put the bag in the washing machine. 

After keeping the guidelines in mind, you can put your duffle bag in the washing machine and set the machine’s setting, and you can use hot or cold water, depending on the type of fabric.

If it is made of canvas, then it is recommended to use cold water, but if the duffle bag is made of cotton, linen, or durable synthetics, it is better to use hot water to wash the bag better.

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Why cannot machine wash a leather-made duffle bag?

Remember not to machine wash your duffle bag if it is made of leather or if your duffle bag has any fur layer in it.

There are some types of fabric available that get damaged in a machine wash, such as leather,

Viscose, fur, and Polyamide. If you put any bag made of these fabrics in the washing machine, then the bag can get damaged because of the spinning washer and contact with water.   

To sum it up, cleaning is very important because one can easily destroy his favorite duffle bag and the memories along with it while cleaning.

Thus, take your time and make sure your bag looks as new as it looked on Day 1, and you, along with your bag, are ready for your next adventure!

Feel free to let us know about anything that we missed mentioning!

Can you dry a duffel bag in the dryer?

To be honest, it depends from one duffel bag to another. But in most cases it is not ideal to dry a duffle bag in the dryer.

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