Can suitcases get moldy? 

How do I get mold off my suitcase? How to Kill Mold in a Luggage Bag 

If you are wondering how to remove mold from a suitcase, then this is the best place to learn that. 

You can kill mold from your luggage suitcase in a lot of ways; it depends on the type of materials used to make the suitcase. 

In the case of a fabric bag, you can use the alcohol technique, vinegar, or even baking soda. More details about these methods are given in the next section. 

For canvas luggage with mold infection, you can use salt and lemon juice to remove mold. 

First, find a good outdoor environment with better air circulation. 

Then take a bowl with a half cup of a mixture of a tablespoon amount of salt and lemon juice. Take a brush, make the mixture, then apply it to the mold-infected area. 

After that, take a bucket and put warm water mix, half a cup of baking soda, and one cup of white vinegar in it. 

Dampen a cloth in the mixture and wipe off the infected area to remove and prevent further mold infection in the bag.

 Let it dry, and you have your mold-free fresh luggage.  

How do you get mold out of a fabric bag? 

If not taken care of properly, your fabric bags and luggage can get infected with mold. 

And if it already has infected your fabric bag and purse, it is crucial to remove it in the right way. 

So that it never grows back and also your fabric is not damaged while cleaning the mold. 

And followings are some of the best ways to get rid of mold.

How do you get mold out of a fabric bag
How do you get mold out of a fabric bag

1. The alcohol technique: 

Remove the contents from the luggage for better cleaning. Then turn your fabric bag inside out. 

Then your luggage can be cleaned with one cup of denatured alcohol mixed with a cup of water. 

Once you make the cloudy solution of water and denatured alcohol, then find a sponge. 

Next, dampen a sponge or washcloth with the solution. 

Use the dampened sponge to scrub away at the moldy areas until the molds are no longer visible. 

Next, you have to totally dry the bag. If the bag cannot be placed in a dryer, you can air dry it outside for 12/24 hours. 

Some luggage is too big to dry for those you have to air dry that cleaned luggage outside in the sunlight. 

2. The use of Baking soda 

Baking soda has effective use in removing mold from your fabric bags. 

And to do that, first, you have to pour half a cup of baking soda directly into the mold-infected area of your fabric bag. 

Then simply let it dry there for around 12 hours. 

After that time, drench a sponge in water and scrub out the mold from the fabric. 

And there may remain baking soda in the bag; all you have to do is clean the remaining baking soda with a hand-held vacuum. 

After cleaning the mold, you should keep your bag clean and fresh for some days so that new mold cannot grow.  

3. The use of Vinegar to kill mold. 

Vinegar is a very effective mold killer. 

Vinegar has a mild acid amount which can kill up to 82% of all known types of mold. Not just that use of vinegar to kill mold also prevent mold from further growth and outbreak. 

Depending on the type of mold, it may take around 60 minutes to remove mold from your fabric bags. 

To kill mold with vinegar, first prepare the following solution by adding the following items in a bottle.

· two tablespoons of borax

· 2 cups of warm water 

· ¼ cup of white vinegar 

· 20/25 drops of tea tree oil 

After forming a solution, spray the solution directly to the mold-infected areas of your fabric bags. 

Let it stay that way for an hour, then pour a good amount of baking soda over the area. 

Now you have to scrub over the mold-infected areas vigorously and wipe up an excessive amount of baking soda and rinse the area. 

You will be left with a clean bag. 

4. The use of a brush to kill mold infection. 

The use of a brush will not give you the perfect mold cleaning that the other method mentioned here can do. 

But when you are in a hurry cleaning mold with a brush is not a bad idea. 

To make it work first, you have to first go to an open space and use a hand brush to brush off all the mold and mildew within the bag. 

The best brush you can use for this job is a stiff brush. 

And also, make sure to clean the area where you removed the mold.   

How to remove mold from nylon bag 

Does vinegar kill mold?

Yes, vinegar does kill molds; it is an effective substance that can kill mold. 

Vinegar has a good amount of antifungal and antibacterial agents that can be used to kill almost 82% of all known types of mold. 

Vinegar has a good amount of acetic acid ranging from 8-20%, and if not mixed with water, then it will kill mold effectively. 

In addition, killing mold with vinegar ensures protection from any other mold outbreak. 

How to prevent mold in a suitcase?

Mold can grow anywhere, and your suitcase is not an exception. And to prevent mold from growing in your suitcase, you can follow the following methods. 

How to prevent mold in a suitcase
How to prevent mold in a suitcase

Use of silica gel

Mold grows in humid areas, and your suitcase can be humid depending on the weather and the condition of the clothes in the suitcase. 

And silica gel is a good absorber of moisture. 

Silica gel is effective in keeping your clothes and suitcase dry from excess moistness and humid environments. 

Good Airflow 

If your suitcase has good airflow in its interior, then it will prevent mold growth.

 To ensure good airflow, try to keep your suitcase open when it is possible, especially after a trip.  

Don’t store dampened and wet clothes.

Usually, we put our damp towels or outfits in the suitcase, especially after taking a shower. 

But this act promotes the growth of mold in your suitcase. 

So it is better if you stop putting dampen clothes in your suitcase.   

FAQ on how to remove mold from suitcase

 How do I clean the outside of my fabric suitcase?

To clean the outside of the fabric suitcase, use a dampened microfiber cloth, and if your suitcase has any stubborn stain in it, then you can use a detergent solution to wipe that off. 

How to remove mold from fabric that can’t be washed 

To remove mold from fabric that cannot be washed, you can use a brush to remove most of the visible amount of mold from it. 

And after that, you can use an air drier to remove the mold in the fabric. 

How to Deep Clean and Disinfect Your Luggage

You can use a disinfectant spray to deeply clean your luggage. It can be done with a disinfectant spray that contains hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. And then, use a cloth to wipe after spraying the disinfectant spray.   

How to Get Mold Off of Vintage Luggage

Vintage luggage is rare and old, and this luggage is prone to get mold infection often, they have mold infection, but they can be treated by applying the water-vinegar solution in the infected areas.

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