Traveling has been one of the greatest ways to be stress-free and enjoy the beauty of nature and for me, it is the best way to live life. But a lot of people do not like packing their bags for traveling and I belonged to that bunch of people as well. And it is because packing is stressful and confusing sometimes.

Many people don’t know what to take with them and what to leave at home while traveling. A lot of people with no experience find packing a really tempting act and over-pack their bags, especially when traveling to multiple destinations. And here we are sharing with you the proper guide on how to pack for multiple destinations So that you don’t get confused and over-pack while traveling. 

Things to keep in mind:

Travelers who set off for multiple destinations feel like they have to pack more clothing because they will be at many places. It is especially true if they don’t have prior experience of traveling to multiple destinations in a single go. But in reality, travelers should pack as light as possible and only take highly required items when traveling to multiple places.

Whether you have a ten-day or ten months trip, if you have multiple stops in your journey, a lightweight bag will make your experience smooth and pleasant. Followings are the things you should keep in mind     

  • If you are traveling to a new place every few days, then no one will notice that you are repeating the same outfits over and over again.
  • Not every destination has nice streets and sidewalks; taking a big heavy bag can drain your energy in those places.
  • Moving and carrying large and heavy bags drain your energy and can make you tired on your journey.
  • Places where you will be using public transportation, such as trains, buses and tram cars, are not appropriate to travel with multiple heavy bags because you will be visiting overly crowded stations and terminals. 

How to pack for multiple destinations
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Steps in how to pack for multiple destinations:

Now let’s see how you can pack your bag as light as possible for multiple destinations.   

  • Step-1: Find the best fit carry-on backpack

To pack your bag for a journey first thing you need to do is finding out a bag that will be appropriate for you and can carry all your necessary belongings. To find the right travel bag for you, you must look for the following qualifications in the travel bags

  • The bag is not too heavy itself  or does not look bulky
  • The bag is durable enough and can last for a long time
  • The bag can hold a lot of things
  • The bag has a capacity of 30-45 litter
  • The bag comfortably fits on your shoulders

It is important to find a travel bag that makes you feel comfortable and can circulate air while being carried. If possible, try to find another feature in your travel bag, and that is convertibility into a duffle bag.

  • Step-2: Packing your travel capsule wardrobe

There are a few to consider before packing your bag and setting off. These are

  • Consider what you will be doing at a different destination. Do you have any destination weddings or business meetings, or special sports events? For special events, you might need different types of outfits. 

  • Consider the climate of the places you will be visiting. If you are visiting places that require warm cloth, then you have to take a warm outfit as well. Or if you are visiting a place with high rain probability, then you might need to take a raincoat as well.

For now, let’s see what you should be carrying in your backpack

  • Clothing

To reduce the use of space, you should try to use a packing cube and put your clothes in the cube. You should also count how many outfits you are taking. You can take

  • Jeans

You can take up to two jeans, and one can be enough for your journey(I might sound a bit cringy to some of you though)

  • Tops

Try to take five to seven tops as they are lightweight and can fit in a small area.

  • Shorts

You can take up to three pairs of shorts of different colours it can be both athletic or jeans. It is perfect for a hot climate. 

  • Skirt

Taking a long skirt or a short skirt should be enough

How to pack for multiple destinations
  • T-shirt

T-shirts can be a good choice with different types of sandals and jeans. Taking a pair of t-shirts should be enough. Without T-shirt my bag will always be incomplete!   

  • Jacket

A hoodie or jacket for cold weather locations is appropriate, but try not to take more than one piece of the jacket. It is best to wear it all along because packing a jacket might take a huge amount of space.

  • Undergarments

You can take up to seven boxers and a pair of bras and also a few pairs of socks as well.  Hygiene is above everything!

  • Long skirt

It is not necessary to take a long skirt all along. You can take it if you have enough space after packing all the other items.

  • Small purse

Take a small purse for your necessary items such as sunglasses, passport, lipstick etc.

  • Sarong

A unit of sarong will be enough if you have any.

  • Shoes
  • A pair of sandals
  • A pair of everyday shoe
  • A pair of flip flops

  • Essential toiletries

Try to take all your toiletries items in one small bag pack so that you don’t face any difficulties finding them when needed. The toiletry items must include the following

  • Sunscreen
  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Bug spry
  • Cosmetics items

  • Packing tech gears

Not everyone takes a camera and laptop with them, but there are many travelers who carry these items to capture lifetime moments in different travel destinations. Because at the end of the day all you will have is a piece of memory and a good photo for your Instagram!

So, if you have a laptop or camera, you can buy a bag that has specific pockets for tech accessories as well. But you should be carrying an earphone, a power bank and your phone’s charger. These are the must-taking basic travel tech accessories that you will be using. Especially a power bank is important because you never know the place you are visiting can always offer you electricity supply or not.

  • Power adapter
  • Power bank
  • Earphone Combination padlock
  • Necessary cable
  • Camera
  • Laptop

  • Accessories

All these accessories are needed for warm-weather destinations. Just to protect you from that sun!

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are necessary for beach areas and places where you can expect bright sunlight

  • Hat

A hat is necessary for saving yourself from overheating and heat stroke.  

  • Scarf

A scarf is not a mandatory item; it is usually taken as a fashion item and can give you a good appearance in cold travel destinations. 

Tips for better packing:

Here are some tips for you so that you can find packing your luggage simple and easy and can save some space as well.

  • Roll and not fold your clothes

Rolling instead of folding your clothes save space and also save your clothes from getting wrinkles

How to pack for multiple destinations
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  • Choose an outfit colour scheme

When you are traveling to different places, choosing some basic colours for all your clothes is a good idea and can give a coordinated and easy-to-layer benefit.

  • Use a toiletry bag

Keep all your toiletries in toiletry go bags to keep all toiletries in one place.

  • Use packing cubes

Using packing cubes for all your outfits reduces the amount of space your clothes are taking, and it also ensures that your clothes are not getting wrinkled and not getting scattered.

  • Put your socks in your shoes

Try to roll and put all your socks in your shoe so that you get some extra space, and it also saves your shoes from being crushed and deformed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Medications: Do I need to travel with half my medicine cabinet?

The answer is yes if you are traveling to multiple destinations, especially cross-border destinations, it is more likely that you won’t find the same medications in all areas. So if you have any doctors prescribe medicine for regular doses, it is better to take all the medicines as much to cover your entire travel time. It is a very important thing that you should not forget!

Shoes: What’s the least number of shoes I can get away with?

The answer is it depends. If you are traveling to many destinations that include both warm and cold places, then you will need both boots and sandals. Try to keep one pair of regular sandals and one pair of special sandals. In go for one boot and a sandal.

What are do’s and don’ts while packing?

When you are asking how to pack for multiple destinations, the question also involves what are the does and don’t while packing. One essential thing to remember is that don’t take anything that you will be used only once or twice on the travel, especially if the item is cheap and widely available. Do by the items or rent the items in your travel destinations. 

What should you not forget when packing for a trip?

The main thing you should not forget is to take your phone charger, a mini first aid kit and sunscreen, passport bag if traveling foreign country and medicines (if you have any). These items are the most needed items and essential for a smooth travel experience.  Keep this article is your favorite list so that it will remind you about the things required, when you are going across the border!

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