Do you know? Away Travel Mini Suitcases Are Back! And, this is an away mini suitcase review. Ever since Away posted photos of this little mini suitcase on their Instagram account, I’ve wanted one. I even drove to their brick-and-mortar store on Melrose Ave. to see if I could score one. No such chance. They had me set my name on a waiting file, and I pretty much gave up after that. After one day, after scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw that they were selling mini-cases! 

What is the mini away luggage?

Made with the same strong aluminum shell as our Aluminum Edition suitcases, this Mini is designed to stow your small tour essentials, toiletries, and whatever more you need on the road.

I was disappointed to notice they were out of the blush cases, so I decided on the sand color. I imagined it was neutral enough to go with my fashionable luggage. Still, I have 3 carry-ons right now and could not justify getting another. 

Away Mini Suitcase Review
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Away mini luggage review:

How big is the away mini?

Dimensions of all the Minis are 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. The regular colors have a zip-around closure with two zippers. The Aluminum Edition has a clasp snap closure. The Interior is the same in both, and it’s an open compartment with one mesh pocket.

How big is the away mini
Image : awaytravel

Is the away mini suitcase worth it?

They’re both great for travel – it just depends on your packing method and preference. The advantage of the Away Mini suitcase is that it has a hard shell to preserve things better than a leather zip pouch. Though, the Truffle Jetset is a little bigger around and shorter in depth to fit longer things.

The Away Mini Travel Cases are back for a short time! I’ve been writing about these since 2022 and am completely obsessed. The minis are typically launched only when the holiday season and sell out very quickly.

Somehow, if you are not happy with the tiny luggage, we reviewed many different-sized luggage. Among them, Best 28 Inch Suitcase and Best 30 Inch Suitcases are highly recommended. Because, in the end, size does matter!

What is the best time of year to buy luggage?

The best time to buy luggage is in July and August. For the most part, summer travel is over by July and retailers take advantage of lower demand by offering big savings off individual pieces and sets of luggage.

These are complex zip cases with a mesh pouch in the inner and measure approximately 7″ x 5″ x 3″ – they’re ideal to store things you don’t want to get smashed when touring like small hair brushes, sunglasses, beauty essentials, etc. You can get them right now online at (under their Gifts and Extras section).

Are away mini suitcases worth it?

The Away bag itself feels great in your hands, and its Hinomoto wheels are noticeably more excellent than those of any other bag we examined, but for those on the Muji. The Away’s poly-carbonate feels related to that used in more high-end suitcases, like the Rimowa Cabin S, three times as expensive as the Away.

The suitcases are versatile for an extensive range of things. I don’t simply use these for travel. I use them for weekend day tours, going to the beach, etc. They’re friendly, tiny suitcases, compact and ideal for carrying in-flight essentials. If I’m traveling to be safe, I put all my liquids I’m taking on the plane into a quart-size zip lock back before putting them into the strong case to ensure it will be within the quart size limit. Pulling one image from the archives below:

I peeked at past tours when I took my Away mini with me—shown on a selfie and with other stuff for scale. They’re very sturdy and easy to clean on the outside – use a Magic Eraser and mild water, and it cleans up excellently!

Away Mini (seasonal)

  • hard exterior
  • zip closure
  • measures 7″ x 5″ x 3″
  • has one mesh pocket

Truffle Clarity Jetset (permanent)

  • leather exterior trim with clear top and base
  • zip closure
  • softer but still structured
  • measures 7 1/2″ L X 5 1/4″ H X 2″ W
  • one open compartment

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Open so you can observe the insides:

Away Mini Suitcase Review

A few of my favorite travel beauty picks:

I have traveled on countless occasions with two people. Everyone has the facility to fly or travel. I think Ao Mini is more budget-friendly, and they give adorable gifts. I bought one for many of my friends and family. I am so happy to hear and see how they even use them for everyday things. My brother keeps his daily necessities (like communication solutions, etc.) in the Ao case backpack. Some of you have told me that you keep the necessary travel documents such as passports or other documents inside for easy access while traveling.

They only returned stocks for a limited time. If you have it on your wish list, I suggest buying these soon! I ordered supply up a few more colors for the gift. For now, they are only available with the case. I hope they bring them back with the same set as in the past on holidays!

Before selling this tiny suitcase on the Away website, I got very little information about them. There were a few pictures outside the case, but inside was the whole mystery. I found a picture case online with a bit of opening, but it didn’t show what the layout looks like or what might fit inside. After shaking up their comments section on Instagram, I gathered that the Interior was lined with their signature. This fabric also kept their luggage.

So, here’s my short show and tell me about this away mini luggage case if you’re looking for more information on the inside, what fits inside, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for the specific person in your life who enjoys traveling and organizing.

Do not skip their packaging. It landed in a great box at my doorstep, with some travel inspiration quotes inside.

The outside is created just like the luggage. It is a hard plastic shell that feels well-made and likes it could withstand being thrown around.

I always appreciate it when a handbag comes with an excellent dust cover. Away did not disappoint! Your mini luggage case comes with a bit of dust cover – such a gentle touch! This strengthens their tag line: “1st class luggage at a coach price.” 

By no means do I need to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive? For just 35 for mini luggage (you can buy gift sets for 45 45 to 95 95), I’ll put this size and content on the higher end when traveling. But, upon nearer inspection, you will see the artwork that you will see in their products. There were no stitches outside the place, and their branding was smooth and elegant.

Less and see – inside a distant mini suitcase! In addition to being lined with ao fabric, there are also small mesh pockets on one side.

I’ve put some of my travel items inside so you can feel what’s appropriate inside the case.

I put some of my travel things inside so that you could get a feel for what fits inside the case. With all these items inside, I could zip up the matter quickly and probably even do a few more things. I could see this case being proper as a make-up case, and toiletry catches all, or even a chance to hold your small electronic devices and cords/chargers.

Here is everything that fits inside. Everything without for the Tarte eyeshadow and blush compact is mini sizes of regular products. 

To give you a much idea of what else could go inside, I set my Instax SP-2 printer inside. There was lots of room left for two-three packs of Instax film and the charging cord. 

I’m happy with my purchase and think this would make an exceptional gift for the travel lover in your life. They come in various masculine and feminine colors and gift sets if you want your Christmas shopping to be made even easier!

Best samsonite luggage
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After reading their website a little more, here are some other items on my wish list:

1) The away mini luggage case in blush pink

2) The carry-on suitcase in blush pink

3) The carry-on suitcase in coral (Limited Edition collaboration with Gray Malin)


Unlike the last period Away published the minis, this time is for advantage. It’s not a defined edition, a special piece. The Away minis are here to visit, so go ahead and order one in every color. We’ve gone first and picked our ideal mini hues below, but there are a total of ten different colors from which to select. Whether you’re a black-on-black type of traveler or a queen of color, these Away mini suitcases are the perfect travel companion—even if it’s just a few miles.

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