When it is time to wash your old or dirty Samsonite Luggage, you can clean it using a mild soap solution.

Never use bleaching for washing your bag. It will damage your bag’s color and decrease its lifetime.

Don’t worry about how to clean it. I will discuss more and give you a step-by-step guide for washing your Samsonite Luggage.

Just follow my handy guide to clean both soft-side and hard-side bags.

Guide to Wash and Care Samsonite Luggage

If you have Samsonite luggage, you should wash it regularly with a mild soap solution. However, you should avoid washing it in a washing machine, tumble drying it, or bleaching it. 

Also, you should never iron or bleach the soft-side bag. 

You can use a vinegar and water mixture to clean your luggage if it gets smelly. To prevent odors, you can also place charcoal in the bag.

If you’re going on a trip, you should take care of your luggage so it can last for a long time. 

You can also clean your hard-shell suitcase by using mild soap and warm water. 

Make sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward. 

After washing, you should apply a protective wax to protect the hard case from stains. 

Waxing also keeps the luster of the luggage and makes it more resistant to covering.

A Handy Guide to Wash Samsonite Luggage

1. Cleaning the Exterior

Cleaning the Exterior of Samsonite Luggage
Cleaning the Exterior of Samsonite Luggage
  1. Before cleaning your Luggage, you have to completely empty your bag
  2. To clean it, dampen a soft microfiber cloth with a mild soapy solution.
  3. Smoothly clean the touchpoints of your bag, like the lock, zipper pullers, wheel handle, etc.
  4. Use a clean damp cloth to rinse it.
  5. Take a soft dry cloth to wipe it out.

2. Cleaning the Interior

Washing Removable Interior

Let’s see how to clean your detachable parts:

Cleaning the Interior of Samsonite luggage
Cleaning the Interior of Samsonite luggage
  1. Firstly, detach the removable inner components
  2. To remove any dust, give them a little shake
  3. If the inner lining components are machine washable, then use mild detergent and set the temperature at 30°.
  4. Waiting until it is completely drying.

Washing Fixed Interior

Washing Fixed Interior of Samsonite Lugggae
Washing Fixed Interior of Samsonite Lugggae

Following the below instructions for cleaning the fixed parts of your Luggage:

  1. To remove the spot, use a soft cloth damped with a mild soapy solution
  2. Use a clean, soft cloth to rinse and wipe it.
  3. Leave it for some time to air dry completely.

How do you clean Samsonite Luggage?

Washing a Hardside Samsonite Luggage

You should always avoid using ammonia and acetone when washing your hard-side suitcases. 

These chemicals can damage the polycarbonate material and leave a sticky residue. 

If you must use these products, they should be used on a small section of the suitcase. 

To avoid damaging the suitcase, use a microfiber cloth. 

You can also use an eraser or a soft cloth to remove scuff marks.

The best way to wash a hard-side suitcase is by using a mixture of water and a drop of soap.

You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the interior of your suitcase. 

Afterward, let the hard side suitcase dry. Once the bag has been cleaned, sanitize it with a sanitizing spray. 

To prevent stains, make sure the spray is safe for the color and material of the suitcase.

Washing a Soft-side Samsonite Luggage

One of the easiest ways to clean a soft-side Samsonite luggage is by washing it with warm water and mild dish soap. 

Avoid using bleach, abrasive cleaners, or machine washing. If the suitcase has a stain, you can also use a pre-treatment laundry solution. 

For stubborn stains, you can also apply a degreasing product like K2R. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the bag after cleaning. 

Once the bag has dried, apply a protective spray, such as Scotchgard.

Washing Samsonite luggage can help keep it looking new for years to come. 

Keeping it clean and odor-free is important to avoid the formation of mold and mildew. 


When you are thoroughly washing and cleaning your bag, you need to leave it until drying out completely. 

Because a little moisture will lead to mold and a bad smell. 

If you want to dry it faster, you can use a dry soft cloth and especially paying your attention to the touchpoints.


Store your luggage in such a place as airy and dry places. 

If you are storing your bag indoors, you should keep it away from extreme temperatures and humidity to ensure it maintains its luster.

You can also add lavender or silicone packs inside to prevent bad odors and mildew. 

Always using the right cleaning products can help prevent damage to your luggage. 

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Samsonite Luggage

Here I will give you some tips and tricks for Cleaning your Samsonite Luggage. You can follow them.

Tips Tricks for Cleaning Samsonite Luggage
Tips Tricks for Cleaning Samsonite Luggage
  • Make sure you do not over wet your cleaning cloth to prevent excess water from getting into your bag.
  • Avoid washing it in a washing machine, tumble drying it, or bleaching it
  • Avoid using alcohol-containing detergents/products on luggage shells.
  • Never use ammonia and acetone for washing your hard-side suitcases
  • Wipe down the zippers, handles, locks, pulleys, and other touch points with disinfectant wipes for thorough cleaning.
  • Should apply a protective wax to protect the hard case from stains
  • Use an eraser or a soft cloth to remove scuff marks.
  • Make sure the zip is open until the end before washing zipped bags to prevent deformation.
  • If your luggage has a dent, you can try heating it

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