If you are looking for reliable, durable luggage but do not have the budget to spend on the best models, Samsonite may be a good choice.

Because Samsonite is a world-class luggage company that caters to travelers. This brand is known for its sleek, professional style and excellent warranties.

You are worried at this time. Is it worth buying or not? But wait! I will discuss their luggage quality, ratings, warranty, features, and prices. Afterward, you can easily decide if Samsonite luggage is right for you.

What is so good about Samsonite?

The Good sides of Samsonite luggage

Is Samsonite high quality?

The Good sides of Samsonite luggage
The Good sides of Samsonite luggage

Solid Build Quality. 

Samsonite luggage comes with the solid build quality, and they offer affordable, reliable luggage. 

Their luggage is extremely strong, features a retractable handle, and is made of very reliable materials such as poly carbonate and nylon

They send their luggage for many rigorous testing to ensure their product is top-notch in the world.

 Is Samsonite high quality?

Reliable warranty and support.

Samsonite is a popular brand that is chosen by travelers for its friendly support and outstanding warranty. 

But you don’t get lifetime support, they do offer almost five or ten years of warranties, and the warranty terms are pretty excellent. Is it not enough?

Their warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, transportation damages, or improper use. They cover only manufacturing defects and defects caused by improper material.

When Samsonite products need to be repaired, they offer two options:
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ship the item to the warranty repair center at his expense.
  • The customer can take their luggage to a Samsonite dealer, and the dealer will send it to Samsonite’s repair center for $10-$15, depending on the size of the luggage.

Excellent reviews

Samsonite brands gained thousands of people’s attention and acquired 4-4.5 stars out of 5-star reviews. They have had lots of repetitive customers for many decades.

Great designs

This brand is incredible with its stylish designs, glossy looks, modest yet minimalist outlook, and trend-friendly colors. You can easily select your dream luggage from this brand.

Excellent features

The company’s luggage comes with many excellent features, such as a double-wheel design. This will prevent the luggage from tilting if it’s heavier on one side than the other. 

Some special features:

  • Innovative Cable TSA Locks for Some Fabric Suitcases
  • Built-In USB Ports on Premium Models
  • Durable Spinner Wheels
  • Right-Height Retractable Handle System
  • Expandable Zippers on Most Models
  • Water-Resistant Coatings on Fabric Suitcases

How long does Samsonite’s luggage last?

Durability, reliability

Samsonite luggage is very popular because of its durability and reliability. This makes them the best choice for travelers looking for a high-quality, durable suitcase.

They have been making luggage for years and offer both soft and hard cases that are renowned for their durability. They also come with functional compartments and are easy to use.

The bad sides of Samsonite luggage

Limited packing features

The packing features on most of their affordable suitcases aren’t exciting. New brands are doing a much better job of creating unique and smart packing features.

Some models can get expensive.

It is possible to get a good quality suitcase for about $100, but some of their premium models can cost over $700.

What to Look for When Buying Samsonite Luggage

What to Look for When Buying Samsonite Luggage
What to Look for When Buying Samsonite Luggage


When you are ready to buy a Samsonite Luggage, firstly, you have to look at your budget. Samsonite offers budget-friendly luggage at an affordable price. Most Samsonite Luggage’s price is between 100$ – 150$. But the premium model is over 700$.


There are many pockets in Samsonite gear, and they tend to place value on function over fashion at times.

There have been several minimalist designs in sleek, neutral colorways released by the company. But at its core, Samsonite is mainly focused on dependable, sturdy travel accessories.


In addition to its focus on function, Samsonite suitcases and bags offer a variety of subtle design details that make using your gear even easier (compaction straps for easy packing and dual-spinning wheels).

In contrast, backpack fit specifications are a bit different.

When choosing a backpack, pay attention to the material on the back, as you don’t want to overheat while running to catch a flight or hiking.

One last thing that I would love to mention is fake Samsonite luggage, beware of them. Read our “How to spot fake samsonite luggage”? This will help you find the original Samsonite luggage.

Yes! You are welcome.

Are Samsonite’s suitcases waterproof?

Most Samsonite Hardside suitcases are more naturally waterproof than softside suitcases.

But the Samsonite’s backpacks and fabric suitcases have been made to be weatherproof.

Some suitcases are specially made to be waterproof.

Is Samsonite luggage worth the higher price tag?

To be honest, it’s worth the price. There are a lot of reasons behind it.

Firstly, Samsonite is known for its innovative design, and they up-to-date their products with today’s technology.

They committed to building sustaining and eco-conscious luggage for their customers.

Samsonite also makes durable luggage that will last nearly up to 10 years or more.

More so, they have a repair policy and provide a reasonable warranty, which is very helpful when it comes to repairing your luggage.

Samsonite offers both mid-range and premium luggage at an affordable price. They also offer plenty of sizes and colors that anyone can easily pick their desired luggage.

Final Thoughts on Is Samsonite good luggage?

Samsonite is one of the popular brands with a great heritage and well reputation. It’s acquired popularity by its quality, desirability, innovation, image, and youthfulness.

They build strong relationships among their customers worldwide.

Should you buy a Samsonite?Is Samsonite good luggage? The simple answer is yes.

You should buy a Samsonite luggage for your comfortable journey.

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