How do you travel with a lot of stuff?

There is a saying that adventure is the best way to learn, but it is not possible to learn if your travel experience is horrible.

And if you are a traveler just like me, then you are well aware that traveling with a single large suitcase is even bothering and time-consuming.

But what if you have to move with a lot of luggage? What if you are required to take an international flight and take a lot of stuff with you?

Even thinking about it hurts, right?

But guys, let me tell you, if you have the proper knowledge and guide of traveling with a lot of stuff, then it might feel like hand-free roaming.

And in this article let me give you the treasured knowledge of the best way to travel with a lot of luggage and how to carry three suitcases or more while traveling. 

In the following part, I have segmented all the work you should do, from leaving your home to reaching your destination.    

Stage one: From your home to the airport

From your home to the airport
From your home to the airport

Pre-book a rent-a-car service

While you are about to take three or more pieces of luggage with you, it is best to pre-book a car or cab for taking your luggage to the airport. 

The benefit of booking a cab or a car is that you can select the size of the car that can easily take all your luggage. 

And save you from worrying about reaching the airport at the right time. 

Use a luggage transport service.

Luggage transport service is an alternative to using a pre-booked car. 

In case you book one, you will not have to worry about loading and unloading your luggage to the cab. 

Luggage transport services take the responsibility of transporting all your luggage safely to the airport. 

And when you get there (at the airport), your luggage will be ready for check-in. 

Purchase luggage insurance.

The major reason your mind gets the question, “how do you travel with a lot of stuff” is the safety of your luggage. 

When you are traveling with one piece of luggage, then the chance of losing it is low. 

But when you are traveling with a lot of stuff, the chance of losing one of the luggage is relatively high. 

And here comes the luggage insurance policy in play. 

The luggage insurance policy provides you with financial security against the chance of losing your luggage while traveling. 

And getting one of these policies is not a bad idea, especially when you are traveling with valuable items in your luggage.  

Stage two: Checking in to luggage claim

Checking in to luggage claim
Checking in to luggage claim

Use a porter at the airport

Airports are huge, and carrying luggage from your car to the luggage checking area is a big job. 

And to make it easy, you can hire porters at the airport, and you will find a lot of porters waiting in the parking area who will assist you in taking the luggage to the checking area. Although this service will cost you some bucks, it will save you time and energy. 

Check your luggage on hold.

When you reach the checking area, make sure your luggage is well-zipped and locked because after passing the security check, your luggage will be handled by the luggage handling crew, they are famous for tough luggage handling. 

So make sure your luggage is zipped and locked very well. 

For additional safety, you can wrap or strap your luggage.   

Porter to transportation 

Let’s consider you have reached the destination after checking in your luggage; what now? 

Again you have to take the help of the porter to reach the car parking area or where your booked car is. 

Stage three: Airport to your destination

Airport to your destination
Airport to your destination

Book a cab in advanced

Now the most important thing is, when you reach the destination airport, you will have plenty of time during customs and immigration checks, and make sure you have booked a cab at that time. 

It will save you time, and you will have your cab ready when your reach the car parking area.  

Make sure you have your destination prepared

The last step of this long journey ends at your destination place. 

And pre-booking your hotel or staying place is a must work. 

You definitely would not like to roam around in a cab with a lot of stuff. 

Tips for traveling with a lot of luggage            

If you have gone through the first part, then now you know how to avoid luggage carrying difficulty, but to make your travel experience much smoother, we have the following tips for you. Make sure you have gone through it.   

Tips for traveling with a lot of luggage
Tips for traveling with a lot of luggage

Reduce your packing items 

The first and most important tip is to avoid carrying unnecessary belongings that you use very rarely. 

Also do not take anything heavy and space consuming and you can buy the latter.  

Use luggage wraps

To make sure your luggage is together and they are not damaged in the checking area, you can wrap your luggage in the airport area for a 20 dollars expense. 

It will offer safety from luggage damage.   

Always buy insurance 

You must be thinking about why you need a luggage insurance policy, but rest assured, this insurance will save you from worrying about your luggage with financial protection against your luggage loss.  

Look for a luggage storage service 

In any case, you have to check out from your hotel in the morning, and your flight is in the evening. 

What would you do all day with your luggage then? To avoid this kind of horrible situation, you can pre-book a luggage storage service.   

Mix your stuff

You might have heard the term, “do not put all your Eggs in one basket” it means reducing loss probability with diversification. 

And you can do it by putting your valuables in multiple pieces of luggage. You will not lose all the luggage.    

Use Bungee luggage straps 

When you are carrying a lot of luggage, you can use a bungee luggage strap is also called add a bag luggage strap. 

This kind of strap can attach all your luggage and reduce the chance of losing luggage.   

Which airline can you take the most baggage to?

If you pay, you can take as much luggage in an airplane as possible, but which airline allows you to take most of your luggage for free?  

Well, the answer is there are plenty of them, and the following is the list 

How can I reduce my luggage when traveling?

You can reduce the number of luggage while traveling by packing in the right way and avoiding carrying unnecessary items. Now let’s see some tips of getting this work done.

  • Select the right type of luggage
  • Do not take unnecessary items
  • Do not take heavy and big travel books 
  • Do not take toiletries while traveling; buy them after reaching
  • Do not take too many shoes
  • Roll your clothes and save space 

Luggage that connects

Some tech-smart suitcases come with a built-in connection system.

And buying this kind of attachable bag allows you to connect all the bags and save you the cost of renting a trolley.

The built-in connectors can connect up to 9 pieces of luggage.  

How you hook luggage together

There are plenty of ways to connect luggage and save some space 

  • Use regular luggage straps to bind the luggage 
  • Use rope or belt to bind the luggage together by using the yourself method
  • Use bungee straps to store smaller luggage on top of a big one
  • You can use the Piggyback luggage set that has built-in connectors 

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