If you have a backpack and lots of stuff to pack in, then there is a possibility that some of the stuff is more valuable and expensive than others for you. And for such stuff, ensuring greater safety is a major concern for every backpack user. People usually use side pockets or multiple layers of clothing wraps on the stuff for hiding stuff in a backpack. Because in most cases, no one knows how to hide stuff in a backpack properly so that no one can find it easily. And if you are one of those who do not know, then nothing to worry about. This article will show you how to hide properly. 

How to hide stuff in a backpack?

“There can be many ways to complete a task, but there is only one best way to complete a task,” and this statement goes for hiding stuff too. You can hide your valuable stuff by wrapping and putting many defensive layers of other stuff on it. Or you can simply put your stuff in the bottom of your bag. But the best way to hide your stuff in a backpack is to hide your stuff in a hidden pocket.

It is the best way to hide stuff because hidden pockets are specially built in a location where no one can find them without prior knowledge. And if there is no hidden pocket in your backpack, you can simply make one and hide stuff in it. Now let’s see how to make a hidden pocket and hide stuff. What are the steps you can follow for making a hidden pocket?     

Steps to make a hidden pocket:  

Followings are the steps you can follow to make a hidden pocket to hide your stuff. 


Making a hidden pocket will require some tools and items, and these are 

  • Sewing pins (It will hold the cloth in place while you are sewing) or Safety pins as an alternative to sewing pins  
  • Duck Tape of the same color as your backpack 
  • Scissors to cut pocket thread
  • The thread that matches the color of the inner side of the backpack 
  • The cloth that also matches the color of the inner fabric of the backpack
  • A backpack that has an internal pocket  

How to hide stuff in a backpack


Now when you have all the required items in your hands, you have to measure the dimensions of the fabric and mark cutting lines with a pencil for the pocket. And for that, you have to be sure what will be the size of your hidden pocket. Ensure an extra inch of cloth on all sides to make a strong folded lining. After measuring the dimensions of the pocket, the next task is to cut the cloth on the cutting lines.

Sewing the lining and zipper to the pocket

Fold that extra one inch of cloth and make a lining of the pocket where the zipper will be attached. After making a good and sturdy lining area for the zipper, sew the lining area of the hidden pocket. The next task is to attach zippers to both sides of the lining and sew both sides of the pocket. After attaching the zippers to the lining area, the next task is to make sure to sew the left and right sides of the pocket. You can use a double layer of sewing to increase the strength of the pocket, and double layers of sewing will protect the pocket from tearing. 

Sewing the pocket: 

After making a pocket with a zipper lock, the next task is to sew the pocket in an appropriate place inside the backpack. And it can be pretty hard to attach the hidden pocket with the backpack because you cannot easily reach the area of the backpack where you will probably make the hidden pocket. And for sewing the hidden pocket in the backpack, first, you should attach the pocket in the backpack with sewing pins or safety pins.

It will hold the pocket in the exact place while you sew the hidden pocket with the inner wall of the backpack. And after attaching the pocket in one place, make sure to sew the left, right, and downside of the pocket with your same colour thread. The sewing does not need to be perfect to work properly. Keep in mind that sewing needs to be strong so that pocket does not get broken.     

How to hide stuff in a backpack

Duck tape 

The last task is attaching duct tape to the corners of the hidden pocket so that the sewing line becomes invisible totally and the pocket gets strongly attached to the wall of the backpack. Use the same color duct tape as the backpack and hidden pocket. It will keep the pocket hidden. 

After following all the steps, you will have a hidden pocket attached to your backpack, which can be used for hiding your stuff. But make sure to use a strong fabric and thread to make the hidden pocket. 


Having a hidden pocket inside a backpack is a great way to protect valuable stuff from being stolen and from being robbed. Besides, it gives easy access to small but important items such as mobile phones, credit cards, cash and other small devices. And if you follow the steps and make one hidden pocket in your backpack next time, you won’t have to think about how to hide stuff in a backpack. 


How do you hide things in a bag? 

Answer: Hiding something in a bag has two different ways; one is to wrap the stuff in something and put it in a specific area of the bag, and another way of hiding is to make a secret pocket and attach the pocket in an easy inaccessible area. 

Where should the hidden pocket be in a backpack? 

Answer: The hidden pocket should be in an area where it can blend with the interior of the backpacking pack properly(possible color combinations). And usually, this type of pocket should be in the deepest area of the biggest compartment of a backpack.  

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