“Life is short and the world is wide,” and those who travel are well aware of that, which is why travelers are always on their way to the next destination. Actual travel lovers believe that traveling creates memories to die with, and they also know very well that a journey without comfort will remain a bad memory.

And most of the hassle and discomfort during traveling is related to carrying travel items. And to help you get the best travel luggage out there, we are comparing two of the best luggage brand in the world Briggs and Riley vs Travelpro, so that you can select the best one that goes with your requirement. It will make your next traveling hassle-free and comfortable too.

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Briggs and Riley luggage review:

It is believed by a lot of travelers that Briggs & Riley makes the best luggage out there for dealing with specific requirements of different types of travelers, especially for serving pilots, airline crews, on-the-go travelers, and travelers who travel very frequently throughout the year.

One thing needs remembering, and that is there are two types of travelers out there. One who moves from place to place frequently all the time and another one who goes on long journeys that takes days of traveling just like a sailor. But for people who travel more frequently from place to place require luggage that will be more spacious and will have more storage, the luggage will be more durable to last for a longer period while facing different weather and places. And the luggage will also be comfortable enough to carry from place to place without getting tired of ending up with pain in the hand muscles. And fortunately, Briggs & Riley’s luggage makes luggage considering these facts.

But two things that make the most of the travelers concerned about Briggs and Riley luggage are the color of the luggage and the handlebar. Briggs luggage usually comes in an olive color, a signature color for the brand, but travelers who are color concerned find it very unusual and dislike the color. Another issue that concerns travelers about Briggs and Riley’s luggage is that the luggage comes with a handlebar that sticks out the back of the luggage. And that is a big concern for those who are picky about the design and style and prefer design over space and storage of luggage. 

It is clear that there are some issues regarding the color and handles bar, which is subjective issues, but the overall performance of the luggage of Briggs and Riley is good. In a survey of 300 luggage of 31 different brands, Briggs and Riley luggage made the best score and turned out to be the best brand in the survey. With 81 points out of 100, Briggs luggage holds first place.

In that report, Briggs luggage made a good score in quality, review, features, and airline compatibility but made bad performance in weight and price. And the scoring makes it clear that this luggage is made for those people who are concerned about comfort rather than the money they spend on the luggage.

Is Briggs and Riley a good brand?

A brand can be called good only when the features and quality of the product meet the consumer demand and the price is convenient too for the consumer. And finding out if Briggs and Riley is a good brand requires knowing what features their luggage offers and what users think about it. Features of different products of a brand may vary depending on the price and variety of the same product thing goes for luggage too, but the basic and signature features found in all products of Briggs and Riley luggage are as follows. 

Briggs and Riley luggage reviews:

Briggs and Riley review
Image: Amazon

Features: Interior:

One touch capacity expansion:

It is a feature that allows the users of Briggs and Riley luggage to expand the capacity of luggage to carry more items. This feature provides more internal space with just one click of the CX button and pulls up both sides of the luggage for expansion.  And to compress it, simply push down and zip it.

Interior lines:

The interior of the luggage is very soft and made of color that has high contrast. This contrasting color makes it easier to find something in the bag easily.

Premium interior panels for garments items:

The interior is designed with high-quality fabrics and rubber straps that will envelop clothing with the lowest creasing and wrinkles in the garments items. Straps can be used to hold any outfit in the exact place by compressing and minimizing the shift and shaking of clothes during traveling.

Speed through pocket:

Traveling has some mandatory things to go through, and security checks in airports are one of those things. Still, with speed thru pockets, you can conveniently access different items stored in the luggage for security check. The zippers have a signature orange color lining that is visually noticeable because of the contrasting color. That indicates the zipper pocket is open.

Monogram leather detailing:

It provides an aesthetic appearance to the luggage and gives it a personalized look so that you can identify your luggage in no time.

Outsider handle

The handlebar of the luggage is attached at the back so that the user gets the maximum internal storage possible and can get a flat packing surface.

Power pockets:

This pocket is given to store power banks and mobile phones in it so that you can get to your phone or power bank in no time.

Shock absorbing spinner wheels:

The luggage uses four spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees with smoothness so that you can turn in any direction with your luggage without any hassle. And the wheels are made of polyurethane that effectively absorbs shocks and makes the wheels silent and durable.  

Integrated bottom handle

A fabric-made handle is attached to the luggage so the user can get one additional grabbing point just in case it is needed.

Corner guard:

The luggage of Briggs and Riley is made of impact-resistant materials so that the luggage user can get durable luggage that will carry your different items for many miles for many years without any damage to the luggage.

All these features are specially designed so the customer can get the best experience possible without any problems. And because of this concern, Briggs and Riley made a good reputation among the customers, which reflects in the comments of the luggage users. So the answer to whether Briggs and Riley is a good brand or not is yes, it is a good brand.

Where is Briggs and Riley luggage made?

Briggs and Riley is an American manufacturer company of travel wares especially travel luggage. This brand has a key focus point of solving the challenges of modern travel. Richard Costa founded the company in 1993 in the city of New York.

Moreover, it has its production plants in America, making the simplistic lifetime guaranteed business class travel luggage. It is the first company to produce travel bags with a handlebar outside the luggage. Initially, it was founded at Half Moon Bay in California. Later the headquarters of the company was shifted to Hauppauge, New York.

Best Briggs and Riley
Image: Amazon

Pros and Cons: 

Every product has pros and cons, and so does the product of Briggs and Riley too. There is no doubt that the luggage of Briggs and Riley comes at a price that anyone would want to know what is special about luggage. And to quench that thirst for knowledge, you can go through the pros and cons to make a good decision about whether you need the luggage or not.

The pros of Briggs and Riley luggage:


Out of hundreds of luggage brands out there, only a handful of the brand makes up to the mark durable luggage that can last for a long period. And Briggs & Riley makes the most durable bags out of those handful brands. With Briggs and Riley’s luggage, you can easily count on your luggage to last for more than a decade. This luggage is ultra-durable luggage that lasts between 10-20 years.

Briggs and Riley luggage interior soft sides are made of ultra-durable high-quality ballistic nylon fabric known for its toughness. And the exterior hard sides are made of pure poly-carbonate fabric. It makes one of the best Briggs and Riley hardside luggage.

Lifetime warranty:

Briggs & Riley believes in its products and knows that its bags and luggage will last for a very long period of time. And because of that trust, the company can provide a lifetime warranty on Briggs & Riley Luggage. The warranty covers physical defects for a lifetime, and the most interesting fact is warranty is valid regardless of the cause of damage to the luggage. At the same time, other companies only provide a warranty on manufacturing defects. You can almost carry a Briggs and Riley carry-on luggage throughout your lifetime!

New features

The luggage of Briggs and Riley is compacted with lots of features that are completely new in the market. Such as orange reflecting zippers to alert the user that the zipper is open, retractable handles, front pockets speed through the pocket, outside handlebar, and many more features.

The cons of Briggs and Riley luggage


Although having Briggs and Riley luggage is worth the price. However, the price of the luggage is a turn off for a large number of customers because of their affordability.

Even though I support the idea to buy one piece of luggage at a high price that will last for a long time, not everyone can buy at the price Briggs and Riley has set for the luggage. This price varies between the amounts of 400 to 850 US Dollars. With Briggs and Riley checked luggage being the most expensive one!

The simplistic design:

Although the company upholds its minimalist design of a luggage, this simple design is not for everyone; there are a lot of customers who take luggage design very seriously when choosing one.   

Travelpro luggage:

Travelpro has been a renowned manufacturer of carrying-on luggage for more than 30 years (Travelpro luggage carry-on is one of the best in the market); originally founded by a 747 pilot Bob Plath, the company now manufactures one of the best luggage out there on the market. Travelpro has created the first upright rolling luggage in the world. It basically means if any company knows how to make the best upright rolling travel luggage, that company is Travelpro.

This luggage brand is especially popular among the crew members of different airlines. It is also known as Travelpro crew luggage. Over 90 airlines worldwide use Travelpro luggage sets because of their practical features and professional ranking durability standards that fly crews follow. Two of the most important features of Travelpro luggage include ultra-durability and the luggage’s lightweight.

The company follows different principles designed to provide the best experience to the customers of Travelpro luggage. These principles are the durability of the luggage, mobility and practical innovative features of the luggage, intelligent design, and convenient built-in structure of the luggage. Travelpro luggage is popular among a wide group of customers because of its appearance and features. Travelpro lightweight luggage is one of the lightest luggage. But when we are comparing it with one of the best brands, we must focus on the details and find out if Travelpro is as good as Brigs and Riley or not. 

Is Travelpro a good brand?

Whether Travelpro is a good brand depends on its ability to meet the customer’s expectations and provide features that other brands cannot. There are a lot of features that Travelpro offers in its luggage, such as 

Travelpro luggage reviews:

Briggs and Riley vs TravelPro 2
Image: Amazon

Features of Travelpro luggage:

Magna Trac

The luggage of Travelpro uses a technology known as Magna Trac to make and use the best 360-degree magnetic spinner wheels that can self-align. Producing world-class Travelpro spinner luggage!

Patented counter grip:

The handlebar of the luggage has a rubberized touch grip that feels comfortable while holding the handle and this grip makes it easy to maneuver the luggage even while carrying heavy weight.

Patented power scope :

The handlebar of the luggage is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that minimizes wobble, and the handle has four height adjustment points, which can be used to adjust the height per the users’ requirements.

Polyester fabric:

The luggage is made of a combination of polyester coating and Dura guard coating that resists water and stains and keeps the luggage shiny and new looking. Travelpro hard-side luggage sets an example for other manufacturers!


The luggage has an expandability of 2 inches to increase the storage capacity of the main luggage section.

Moisture protection

The interior of the Travelpro luggage is made of an H20 guard to protect the interior lining of the luggage from getting any extra moisture. Even the Travelpro softside luggage has this feature!

Packing convenience and flexibility pockets

There are different types of pocket are attached to the luggage for specific purposes, such as a lid pocket, side accessory pocket, and specially adjustable straps that hold the outfits in one place and keep the clothes safe from getting wrinkled and getting mixed with other carrying items. And all these pockets and straps give great convenience and flexibility in packing.  

Best travelpro luggage
Image: Amazon



The inside of the luggage can hold up to 38.10 liter equivalent items. This is enough to pack clothes for a five-day trip, and some space will remain.


The dimensions of the interior of the Travelpro luggage are 20x15x7.75 inches, and the overall dimension of the Travelpro luggage are 21.75× inches. This is a good size for luggage to carry around.


One of the major facts about Travelpro luggage is that this luggage is extremely lightweight compared with its market rival. While Briggs and Riley’s luggage weighs 8 pounds, Travelpro luggage is weighs 5.4 pounds. It may not look like much, but when carrying luggage for a long time, it is a big difference.

The features this luggage offers are really good and well thought out. Travelpro luggage is designed to reduce the hassle of carrying luggage in a fashionable way. Generally, Travelpro luggage ratings and reviews on other online eCommerce platforms are quite high. People rate Travelpro luggage between 4.8-4.9 star out of 5 stars. Travelpro luggage price is convenient too. We may say the brand is good at providing the best luggage at a fair price.

Where is Travelpro luggage made? Who sells Travelpro luggage? Where to buy Travelpro luggage?

Travelpro is an American company founded by an American pilot specially designed for the flight crew. The company HQ and manufacturing plant are in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2016 the company was acquired by MidOcean Partners group. The company is successful because of its principles of observing, anticipating, and delivering what travelers want. Travelpro luggage is mostly sold by the Travelpro and you can also find them in eCommerce stores such as Amazon.

Pros and Cons of Travelpro luggage: 

The Travelpro is undoubtedly one of the best brands, and just like every other brand Travelpro also has some pros and cons.

The pros of Travelpro luggage


Travelpro is a mid-range and mid-class brand and the only brand at mid-class that frequently makes usable luggage at low cost and below $300 USD. Travelpro provides quality and long lasting durability for a fair price. This is another major reason people appreciate the Travelpro luggage over it’s competitors.

Lifetime warranty:

Another major advantage of buying Travelpro luggage is that it offers a lifetime warranty. The luggage offers a manufacturing warranty and material warranty for this very long period of time because of the high durability of the product. If any damage happens to the handle, wheel, or zipper, the company will either replace the bag or replace the damaged part for free. What is more promising is that registering the product within the first 120 days of purchase will provide the benefit of cost-free shipping to the delivery address.

Value of the luggage

Travelpro suitcases cost around $220 USD if you get the best of Travelpro luggage, but the company also has some low-price luggage that starts at $120 USD.


Travelpro luggage comes with lots of features if you go in the 200-300 dollar price range; some noteworthy features include TSA locks, jacket compartments, USB charging ports, and many more. 

Travelpro luggage review
Image: Amazon

The cons of Travelpro luggage:


The luggage if Travelpro often comes into oversized luggage that exceeds the limit of airplanes

Flagship models are expensive:

Just like almost every luggage company Travelpro has premium class (Travelpro platinum luggage) flagship luggage which is pretty pricey. The price may vary from $400-500 USD.

Top 5 Best Briggs and Riley luggage reviews

Briggs and Riley spinner luggage:

Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Domestic Spinner Carry-On Luggage

Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Domestic Spinner Carry-On Luggage
Image: Amazon

The Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Domestic Spinner Luggage is a great design. It is good luggage and has many advantages. The zippers are fine, and the little pocket on the front is nice. The handles are very sturdy, and the wheels roll nicely. It is lightweight and easy to carry. I do not have to worry about this bag as it is made of strong materials. The back wheels are much bigger than the front ones, making rolling it easy. This luggage is a great design, and I recommend it to others. The Briggs and Riley hard-side luggage that you surely want to be your companion!

Product Dimension: 14 x 9 x 22 inches

Weight – 9.2 pounds


  • Lifetime Guarantee: 
  • USB charging port
  • Smooth
  • High-quality material.


  • Expensive but worth every penny!

Briggs and Riley checked luggage:

Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Large Spinner Checked Luggage

Briggs & Riley Unisex Adults Garment Bag, Black, One SIze, Baseline Softside Upright Carry-On
Image: Amazon

This is easily one of the best suitcases available on the market. The Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Large Spinner Luggage is easy to clean and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It comes in several different colors. But among them, I would pick the plum color any day!

This is high-quality luggage, and it is worth the money.

Product dimension: 20 x 12 x 30 inches

Weight- 13.42 pounds


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • It has a combination look
  • It has a great design


  • Expensive

Briggs and Riley carry-on luggage:

Briggs & Riley Unisex Adults Garment Bag, Softside Upright Carry-On

Briggs & Riley Unisex Adults Garment Bag, Black, One SIze, Baseline Softside Upright Carry-On
Image: Amazon

The Briggs & Riley Unisex Adults Garment Bag, Baseline Softside Upright Carry-On is a great product. It is made of a durable nylon fabric that is water resistant.

The bag is lightweight and easy to maneuver. On top of it, the bag is also lightweight, making it perfect for taking a long trip on a plane.

This bag has a fully padded main compartment, which makes it useful for packing clothes. It comes with three compartments – two that are removable – that are useful for storing shoes and accessories. This Briggs & Riley carry-on is even useful for storing clean, dry clothes on a rainy day. Moreover, it fits under a plane seat and is easy to wheel through!

Product dimension: 9.06 x 13.98 x 22.05 inches

Weight: 9 ponds


  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Durable Construction
  • Upright Wheeled Garment bag


  • Expensive

Briggs and Riley hard side luggage: 

Briggs & Riley Unisex Adults Torq Hardside Luggage Bag, Carry-On

Briggs & Riley Unisex Adults Torq Hardside Luggage Bag, Carry-On
Image: Amazon

Briggs & Riley Unisex Adults Torq Hardside Luggage Bag is the ultimate carry-on luggage for business travelers. It’s made of strong, lightweight, and ultra-durable hardside poly-carbonate. The wheels are sturdy, and the handles are easy to grip. It’s expandable so that you can pack more clothes.

Dimension; 9.06 x 13.98 x 22.05 inches

Weight: 7.04 pounds


  • More space
  • Can carry a laptop.


  • The zipper is not so good

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody Softside Underseat Carry On Cabin Spinner

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody Softside Underseat Carry On Cabin Spinner
Image: Amazon

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody Softside Underseat Carry On is a great carry-on for someone who is looking for a lightweight bag. Moreover, it is the ideal bag for those quick overnight trips. It is easy to travel with, and the wheels are sturdy. The only downside is the lack of pockets.

This Spinner is designed for maximum room in minimum space. It has a dirt and moisture-resistant micro-weave nylon exterior and an attractive interior. An interior that can hold your laptop yet will have ample space for shoes and other daily use materials.

Dimension: 8 x 14 x 15.5 inches

Weight -5.94 pounds


  • High performance carry on
  • Wrinkle free packing
  • Lightweight and quality material
  • Easy organized packing


  • Expensive

Top 5 Best Travelpro luggage reviews

Travelpro lightweight luggage:

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Luggage

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Luggage
Image Amazon

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Luggage is the classic black Travelpro luggage that attracts me the most. This luggage is one of the best. It’s durable, lightweight luggage that is easy to maneuver.

 It has four spinner wheels and a telescoping handle. The luggage is expandable, so you can pack more than you would think. There is also a zip-down compartment on each side that acts as a smaller compartment inside the luggage.  A zip-down compartment is perfect for shoes, belts, and other accessories. Furthermore, on top of the luggage, there is another zippered divider compartment, where you can store your toiletry kit without having to worry about it being damaged.

 The interior has a slew of smaller compartments that are perfect for storing all the little things in your travel kits, like pairs of socks, jewelry, medicines, and other fragile items. The luggage also comes with an RFID blocking card that you can put your credit cards, passports, and other items in. So you don’t have to worry about identity thieves while traveling.

The outer shell is 100% poly. On top of it, it is a Travelpro lightweight luggage that weighs only 5.4 pounds. In fact, it is half a pound lighter than Travelpro Maxlite 4.

Interior dimension: 21 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches

Exterior dimension: 23 inches x 14.5 inches x 9 inches;

Volume: 46 liter


  • Ultra lightweight
  • 4 wheel spinners rotate 360 degrees for a smooth roll
  • Expands up to 2 inch 
  • Limited Lifetime Coverage
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • Poor quality zipper.
  • Size sometimes does not match.

Travelpro spinner luggage :

Travelpro Unisex Adults Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Spinner

Travelpro Unisex Adults Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage Bag
Image: Amazon

Travelpro Unisex Adults Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Spinner comes in different colors and sizes. It comes in 5 different colors. It is available from Travelpro luggage carry-on to Travelpro checked luggage.

Not only size it has variation in its color as well. Among all the beautiful colors, I would choose the Bordeaux color.

It is perfect for medium and long trips, accommodating everything you need. It has a built-in suiter, guards your dresses against wrinkles, and keeps everything organized. A feature that is handy for a business trip! It is constructed with premium fabrics, leather accents, and chrome zippers; this gorgeous bag also features a tip-resistant tapered expansion option that provides up to 2″ additional packing capacity.

  • Case Dimensions: 25x18x11.25,
  • Overall dimensions: 28x18.5×11.75
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds


  • Adjustable 4-stop PowerScope handle 
  • Integrated TSA lock 
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • It contains USB ports.
  • Fits in the overhead bins.


  • Oversized.
  • Exterior zippers are fragile.

Travelpro luggage carry-on:

Travelpro Unisex Adults Crew Versapack Softside Expandable Spinner

Travelpro Unisex Adults Crew Versapack Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Carry-On Luggage Bag
Image: Amazon

The Travelpro Unisex Adults Crew Versapack is a great bag. It is very durable and has a lot of room. This bag is great for traveling because it is so roomy and has a lot of compartments. This bag has a 3-wheel system, so it rolls very smoothly. It is a Travelpro luggage carry-on.

I also like that it has a lifetime warranty, and I am guaranteed a replacement or money-back guarantee in case something should ever happen to it. Moreover, it also comes with a 5-year no, hassle warranty on it. If you are looking for a great bag for traveling, this is it. You will not regret buying it. The price is great for what you get.

Travelpro Unisex Adults Crew is a Travelpro spinner soft-sided carry-on luggage that is available in 4 different sizes, and it is one of the lightweight Travelpro luggage weighing only 7.99 pounds.

  • Case Dimensions: 21×14.75×10;
  • Overall Dimensions:23×15.5×10


  • Maximizes carry-on sizer bin restrictions
  • PrecisionGlide System for precise control.
  • Expansion increases up 2 inches.
  • Supra zipper heads are engineered to resist damage from daily use.


  • Unstable at times.
  • Bigger than airlines restrictions

Travelpro luggage hardside:

Travelpro Unisex Adults Maxlite Air Hardside Expandable Carry-On Luggage

Travelpro Unisex Adults Maxlite Air Hardside Expandable Carry-On Luggage Bag
Image: Amazon

I am a frequent traveler and have been looking for a lightweight, expandable, and durable bag that is not going to cost an arm and a leg. So, all travelers, if you are like me, then you have found what you are looking for.

Travelpro Unisex Adults Maxlite Air Hardside Expandable Carry-On Luggage Bag is good-looking, stylish, and has multiple compartments for organization.

 It has an expandable inner compartment that can be zipped or not zipped. I use it with the zipper closed, and it holds plenty for a one or two-night trip. It can be easily checked if you do not want to carry it onto the plane. On top of it, I like the handles. They are lightweight, strong, and stay in place. The bag does not get heavy after adding your clothing. When it is empty, it is easy to carry by the handle or hang up in the closet for storage. The wheels are light and sturdy.

Overall Dimensions: H: 23 in. W: 14.5 in. D: 9.5 in.;

Case Dimensions: H: 19.75 in. W: 13.75 in. D: 9.5 in.;


  • Fit in the overhead bins of most major domestic airlines.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • High quality


  • Incorrect size.
  • Some people claims it is not durable.

Travelpro Maxlite under seat luggage 

Travelpro Unisex Adults Maxlite 5 Softside Underseat Rolling Tote Bag

Travelpro Unisex Adults Maxlite 5 Softside Underseat Rolling Tote Bag,
Image: Amazon

Meet your new favorite bag; Ultra-lightweight and super smart, the Travelpro Unisex Adults Maxlite 5 Softside Underseat Rolling Tote Bag.  There is something special about Maxlite 5 luggage that makes me want to write more about them!

A 16-inch perfect Travelpro under seat luggage that makes Packing easy and organized. Moreover, it has a roomy interior, quick-access front flap, and multiple pockets throughout for everything from essentials to electronics.

Its ball-bearing wheel design and rear stacking strap provide complete flexibility for secure stacking and hands-free mobility as if you can run a marathon with it.

A Travelpro carry-on spinner that has been tested to accommodate overhead bin space. Moreover, it is backed by Travelpro Limited Lifetime Coverage plus a new and expanded “Trusted Companion Promise,” which covers the repair cost of damage from airlines or another common carrier for 1 year!


  • Great bag for a short trip.
  • Can easily carry a laptop.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight


  • Customer service is disappointing

Briggs and Riley vs Travelpro

Which one is better?

Up to this point, you now know the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Brigs & Riley and the Travelpro luggage. Let’s sum everything so we can get a clear view of which brand is better for you.

Travelpro luggage:

  • Mid-range travel luggage
  • Durable and well designed
  • Rolls over every surface
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Comparative low price

Briggs and Riley luggage

  • Top range travel luggage
  • Best for frequent travel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to pack in it
  • Simplistic design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comparatively high price

Deciding which one is better is a subjective question; it will vary from person to person based on individual requirements. So the answer to which one is better is if you are looking for durable luggage along with a high brand value and business class design, then Briggs and Riley are good for you. And if you are looking for mid-price durable, and stylish luggage, then Travelpro luggage is a good option.


Where can I purchase Briggs and Riley’s luggage within the USA?

Answer:  Briggs and Riley’s luggage is available on almost every renowned eCommerce platform and searching the brand name on Google will show the best platform available to buy Briggs and Riley’s luggage.

Where can I purchase Briggs and Riley’s luggage internationally?

Answer: Any renowned global eCommerce platform that makes international delivery must sell Briggs and Riley luggage.

How do you unlock a Travelpro suitcase?

Answer: Unlocking a Travelpro suitcase requires remembering the unlocking code in the first place. If you remember the code, then the first step is to set the unlocking code and press the slide release button sideways to remove the zipper hooks from the lock.

How do I reset the combination of Travelpro luggage?

Answer: To reset the lock first dial should be set to 0,0,0 and then slide the slide release button then insert a pointy object in the reset button then reset a preferred code and to confirm the reset code push the release button toward the dial to confirm the reset code.

How to clean Travelpro luggage?

Answer: Use a damp cloth to wipe the outside of the luggage, it will be clean and fresh. Then, place the luggage in the sun for a few hours, it will be dry. Finally, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt left in the luggage.

Final Verdict:

Whether you are looking for travel luggage as a frequent user or barely use luggage at all, in both cases, having good luggage will make your traveling comfortable and hassle-free. And getting the best travel bag out there at your budget requires considering your personal requirement and seeing which brand meet that requirement at the lowest price. And in the case of Travelpro, you will probably get what you want at a lower cost.

But if you do not have any issue with the price and can pay a good price for your luggage, then Brigs and Riley luggage can be a good choice. And going through this comparison of Briggs and Riley vs Travelpro might have given you an overall idea to make a good decision when buying a piece of luggage. 

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