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About Suitcase Review

What Is Suitcase-review?

Suitcase-review.com is a travel blog (established in 2019) that has been created to help us.

We (You+me) are a big family of travelers who regularly faces issue with their tiny little friend(travelbag).

I faced similar problems thus I am here to solve your luggage related issues and make your travelling comfortable and hassle free.

We share useful and practical tips that help you become a smarter traveler.

Is Suitcase-review for You?

Do you have a passion for traveling?

And are you uncomfortable with your old travelling bags and need a good guidance in your buying path?

Then you are in the right place. Our team of experts will make your buying journey short and easier where you will end up having a good luggage and will enjoy your next vacation.

Not everyone will take the right decision, but some of them will.

Suitcase-Review is committed to researching various Suitcases and providing clear reviews to provide a better experience for its reader.

You can find most suitcase products here are the best of the best suitcase products we have chosen

How Can We make your trips comfortable?

  • Rolling Suitcase and Carry-on Luggge Review:We test all the luggage that we write about and share our honest review with you. We guide you home and make sure you have a good journey.
  • Backpack: We talk about different backpacks you must consider before purchasing a backpack
  • Suitcase Purchasing GuidesThen at last we make sure you buy the luggage which will be good for you in the long run. We care about now as now we are a family with similar interest!

How Can You Get in Touch with Suitcase-review?

About the team

Afzal Sharif Munna

Afzal Sharif Munna

Owner, Author

Exploring the world and live the life to its fullest is dream of Afzal. Although it is a tough dream to achieve, but he isn’t the prersion who will give up on his dream!

Siam Sarwar

Siam Sarwar


Siam Sarwar is an student, avid traveler, and freelance writer. He loves reading, writing, and watching TV series.

Suzan Hossen

Suzan Hossen

Designer & Author

A passionate designer with vision! No soul is more crazy about designing a website than this one! He hates all those rubbish websites like a antigen hates a antibody! Picks up those dead websites and bring them back to life!

How we make money

Affiliate links. Some of our links are “affiliate links”, which means that if you decide to buy anything after clicking the link, we get a small commission. Note that this doesn’t affect the final product price. Instead, the retailer shares his profits with us from their own cut, because we sent them traffic that they wouldn’t get by themselves.