How backpack can cause back pain:

Back pain is one of the most common types of pain for those who carry backpacks

Thus development of a backpack to solve back pain is a major problem that needs to be solved!

And if you are a traveler or a student, then you might as well have back pain issues. 

Back pain is the issue of having mild to severe pain in the back area that occurs from carrying uneven weights on your shoulders. 

And carrying a backpack puts pressure on your shoulder area, which is what causes your back pain. So how does it happen?

Well, when you are carrying a heavy backpack, it puts pressure on your back muscles by bending your back and creating unnatural back positions. 

It eventually leads to concentrated pain in different parts of your back, such as in the shoulder, arms, neck, and lower back, and can give you a headache too.  

One solution is you can have a glance at our How to pack for multiple destinations? and reduce the weight of your backpack.

Tips to select backpacks and prevent back pain: 

We all know how painful back pain can be, but surprisingly most of us ignore it. 

While with some proper backpack usage guides and tips, we can avoid back pain developed from carrying a backpack.  

So, the followings are the backpack selection tips. 

Tips to select backpacks and prevent back pain (1)
Tips to select backpacks and prevent back pain (1)

The best fit 

The first thing to consider when using a backpack is that the backpack perfectly sits on your shoulders. 

If the backpack is bigger for you, then it will create an imbalance in weight adjustment and will cause back muscle pain

Almost fifty percent of young children face mild to medium back pain after carrying a backpack regularly. 

And this back pain problem can be solved by giving them the best-fit backpack.

Get age-appropriate backpack 

There are so many backpacks available in the market, and getting the backpack for your age group will ensure that the backpack fits on your back perfectly. 

It will reduce the chance of uneven load of weight.  

Lightweight materials built 

A backpack should not be more than 5-10% of your total weight. 

If you want to ease from backpack related back pain, then you should select a backpack that is both light in weight and soft in nature. 

Light-weight materials built backpack will reduce the overall weight and reduce the pressure on your back. 

Also, make sure the backpack has shoulder straps that are at least 2 inches in width and multiple padded compartments of soft memory foam to distribute the overall backpack weight eventually. 

Memory foam will adjust its shape according to your shoulders and back shape and will stay that way. 

Tips to prevent back pain caused by backpack:

To prevent your back pain, you should follow some basic guides about what to do and what not to do; the followings are the guidelines. 

Tips to prevent back pain caused by backpack
Tips to prevent back pain caused by backpack

Hip or Waist belt

Make sure your backpack has a hip and waist belt for better posture

One of the main reasons for back pain is the bent structure of your back. 

If you carry a heavy backpack for a long time, your shoulder gets rounded, your neck muscles get bent forward, and your lower and middle spine bones get curved and causing back pain.  

And you can easily reduce the bending of the spine by using the hips belt. 

It will distribute the overall backpack weight and stop pulling your shoulder backward. And eventually will reduce the pain. 

Hips and waist belts reduce the pressure on the shoulder and neck muscles and reduce headache chance. 

Stop using one strap.

Every backpack comes with two straps because you need both of them, but sometimes we use only one shoulder strap to get maximum airflow in our back. 

And this is a wiles act. Using single straps means putting all the weight on one shoulder, and it is not a good sign of back pain. 

Do not hang the backpack more than 10 centimeters below the waistline.

It is an important act to protect the posture of your back and reduce the overall pressure from your shoulder muscles. 

Always try to maintain your backpack within 8 to 10 centimeters of your waistline. 

Do not make your backpack heavy.

While you are traveling for a long time, make sure your backpack is not heavy at all. Taking a heavy backpack for a long time will seriously affect your back muscles, causing severe back pain.  Besides, the heavy backpack can significantly change the shape of your spinal position and give stress to your muscle, tendons, and ligaments, creating severe pain for a long time.

Siam Sarwar