Based on the traveling to different locations, we need to take different types of bags and luggage. 

And the backpack is a must-have when we are going to relax in nature or hiking in the mountains, or for any kind of wildlife exploration. 

While in most cases, we take our backpacks on board for shorter distance flights, we put heavy backpacks with the luggage for long-distance flights. 

But just like others, you also may have thought will your backpack be safe with the luggage? 

Will it be okay to check in your backpack to the luggage areas? 

Because luggage has a hard exterior, but backpacks don’t. How do I protect my backpack when traveling? 

And here we are to answer all your confusion and worries about the safety of your backpack on a plane. 

And know how to protect backpack when checked as luggage.

Can a backpack be checked? 

The short answer is yes, you can

You are usually only allowed to check one luggage item. 

Most airlines also have limits on the size and weight of checked baggage. 

It is important to go with the guidelines of the airline you will be flying with. 

And some of those airlines may have stricter restrictions, so do so before you depart or even begin packing your suitcase. 

Additionally, you want to prevent any unforeseen problems and extra costs that can result from your backpack exceeding the allowed luggage limits. 

Additionally, airline fees can be very costly, particularly if your suitcase is overweight! 

So, if your backpack maintains the requirements and restrictions of the airlines, then obviously, you can check your backpack as luggage.

Why should I think about protecting my luggage? 

Travel backpacks are vital pieces of equipment that require to be protected, or the possession in the bag pack may get damaged. 

Besides, no one else will handle your bags with the same care and delicacy that you do. 

This is totally logical, and you must therefore keep this in your mind. 

Most airport authorities around the world handle luggage in a different way than any other type of bag. 

It is because luggage has a hard exterior body. Putting a lot of luggage one on top of another is safe, and the possessions inside remain still safe.

 But the backpack is not like any luggage and does not have any protective hard exterior body. So if you do not want your backpack and the items in it to get damaged, you need to ensure protection. 

You won’t like your items to get damaged while having a pleasant flight experience. 

This is why you definitely need to think about how to protect your backpack if it is checked in as luggage and make early plans for protecting your luggage.

Tips on Checking in Your Backpack 

Tips on Checking in Your Backpack
Tips on Checking in Your Backpack

Use a plastic bag covering for water and dust protection. 

What would you do if you faced rain outside of your home? 

You use an umbrella to stay dry. And the same care should be taken for your backpack when you are traveling and checking it as luggage. 

The rain won’t actually affect your luggage if it is in a plastic bag.

 Besides, a plastic bag covering will protect the bag from any kind of dust and sand and will work as a shield for your backpack.

 And to ensure this safety, you can use a heavy-duty industrial plastic bag. 

You can get it from the airlines. Airlines and airport authority provides these sturdy plastic bags without a small amount of money as a charge. 

You also can ask their employees, and they will provide you with a plastic bag. This way, there will be no cost involved. 

Use packing tapes and pins as an alternative.

Many airports do not supply plastic bags, and to make sure your backpack is secure; you can use packing tape. 

In the event that it can suddenly get out of control, the packing tapes will shield the outside of your backpack from dust and damage. 

A safety pin is an additional option. 

Even while these pins might not completely enclose your luggage, they will nevertheless serve you well.

Tie your travel backpack shoulders straps together

The luggage handling crew doesn’t give any special care about your backpack when you check in the backpack as luggage.

 Moreover, they are accustomed to handling largely standard, wheeled bags during travel.

And as your backpack has many straps that dangle from it, including the two suspension straps, it makes their job a bit tougher. 

So, you should try to make their task a little bit easier for better handling. 

Giving them one primary strap instead of many can help them to take care properly. 

By doing this, they can transport your pack more easily with better protection. 

Lock all the zippers and be sure essential items are placed deep inside the bag.

Make sure there is nothing critical or valuable in the top pocket or the exterior pouch of your pack. 

This will, at the very least, make it more difficult for anyone to remove it from your bag. You can use a zipper hangover liner to conceal zippers. 

If a compartment has multiple zippers, you should make sure they are fully extended on one side and tucked into the corner edge of the zipper liner. 

This will prevent the zippers from becoming tangled and being pulled open, and it will result in better protection of your possessions. 

What Are the Restrictions for Using Backpacks as Checked Luggage? 

There is some basic restriction regarding taking a backpack as checked-in luggage. 

You are usually only permitted to check one piece of luggage. 

Most airlines have restrictions on the dimensions and weight of checked baggage. 

The weight limit is typically 50 pounds, and the largest size allowed is 62 inches. In rare scenarios occasions, these limits may go up to 70 pounds. 

Besides another so, it is better if you check restrictions before you face any unpleasant surprises that may cost you extra dollars. 

The best backpack for checked luggage 

Some of the best travel backpacks that will perform as checked luggage includes the following 

Should I write an article on the best backpack for checked luggage?

What do you think? Let me know!

FAQ: for how to protect backpack when checked as luggage

What should you not put in checked baggage?

If you are packing your backpack for check-in purposes, then you should know about the things that you cannot put in your backpack. 

This includes Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter refills, lighter fuel, matches, paints, thinners, Fire-lighters, lighters that need inverting before ignition, matches, and many more things which are hazardous. 

 Besides, you should also keep all your expensive electronics in your carry-on bag instead of putting them in a checked-in backpack. 

Because electronics can get damaged in the backpack, even after you take precautions.    

How do you fly with a Hiking Backpack?

You can fly with a hiking backpack as checked-in luggage, but for security and safety purposes, you should use a backpack airport cover.

 It will cover the pack’s exterior and protect it from any damage so that you can stop worrying about it.