Coolife Luggage Large Spinner is a durable and stylish travel companion that offers a range of features to make your journey hassle-free. With its ABS+PC hard plastic shell and built-in TSA lock, this suitcase ensures the safety and security of your belongings. Available in different sizes and colors, it provides ample space for all your travel essentials. In this review, we will delve into the product details and share our personal experience with this luggage.

During my recent trip, I had the opportunity to test out the Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase in the 28-inch size. Right from the outset, I was impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the suitcase. The ABS+PC hard plastic shell proved to be incredibly durable, withstanding the rigors of rough handling and protecting my belongings inside.

One standout feature of this suitcase is the built-in TSA lock, which provided me with peace of mind knowing that my valuables were secure. The quiet airplane spinner wheels and adjustable telescoping handle allowed for easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces. I found the handle to be sturdier than others I have used in the past.

Packing clothes was a breeze, thanks to the fully lined interior and multi-use organizational pockets. The different sections and pockets helped me stay organized throughout my trip. Additionally, the expandable feature in the 28-inch size added 15% more space, which came in handy when I needed it.

Coolife Luggage Large Spinner: Product Overview

With durability and convenience in mind, the Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase is a high-quality travel companion. With a hard plastic shell made from ABS and PC materials, this suitcase is built to withstand rough handling. It comes in three different sizes, with the 28-inch option being expandable, adding 15% more space. The suitcase features a built-in TSA lock for added security and peace of mind. The quiet airplane spinner wheels and adjustable telescoping handle make maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze. The fully lined interior and multi-use organizational pockets make packing and organizing your clothes a breeze.

Design and Materials

Coolife Luggage Large Spinner Design
Source: Coolife

At first glance, the Coolife Luggage Large Spinner impresses with its sleek and contemporary design. Its smooth exterior exudes elegance, while the precisely engineered contours enhance both aesthetics and durability. The hardside shell is constructed using high-quality materials, often featuring robust polycarbonate. This choice of material ensures lightweight maneuverability coupled with exceptional impact resistance. Such a design guarantees that your belongings remain protected throughout your journeys, no matter how tumultuous they might be. It comes in a range of colors, to suit anyone’s taste. The suitcase features Coolife branding and durable ridges that ensure its sturdiness. It is lightweight yet durable, making it easy to transport. The 28-inch size has a unique extension feature, providing an extra 15% of volume. The suitcase is also equipped with 360-degree spinner wheels that make navigation through airports and other travel destinations effortless. The TSA lock adds an extra layer of security to protect your belongings during your travels.

Versatility and Ease of Use

Coolife Luggage Large Spinner

The Coolife Luggage Large Spinner stands out due to its array of unique features that redefine the art of travel. The expandable design, allowing for a 15% increase in volume, is a game-changer. This innovation ensures that you can pack more souvenirs or essentials without worrying about space. The interior organization is equally impressive, with specialized compartments to keep your belongings neatly arranged, reducing the hassle of rummaging through your luggage. The fabric divider panel inside the suitcase can be zipped to create two separate sections, or unzipped to allow for more storage space. The divider also includes multiple pockets with zippers for better organization. The adjustable telescoping handle has three different levels, allowing you to choose the most comfortable height for you. The suitcase’s lightweight construction and smooth-rolling spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver in various travel situations.

Coolife Luggage Large Spinner Interior
Source: Coolife


Coolife Luggage Large Spinner wheels
Source: Coolife

Effortless movement is a hallmark of the Coolife Luggage Large Spinner. The multi-directional spinner wheels, a signature feature of Coolife luggage, ensure that navigating bustling airports or uneven terrains is a smooth endeavor. The 360-degree rotation capability provides unhindered mobility, while the telescoping handle system grants you a comfortable grip, making it effortless to steer your suitcase through crowds.

Coolife Luggage Large Spinner Handle
Source: Coolife


Coolife Luggage Large Spinner TSA Lock
Source: Coolife

Security is paramount, and the Coolife Luggage Large Spinner addresses this concern ingeniously. Equipped with TSA-approved combination locks, it ensures that your belongings remain secure yet accessible during security checks. Additionally, for added protection, certain versions of this suitcase may feature RFID-blocking technology, safeguarding your personal information from potential threats.

Coolife Luggage Large Spinner: Customer Reviews

Coolife Luggage Large Spinner

The Coolife Luggage Suitcase has received high satisfaction from customers. Many praise its quality and durability, noting that it can withstand rough handling and still maintain its pristine condition. Users appreciate the convenience of the expandable option and the fully lined interior with organizational pockets. The built-in TSA lock is also well-received, providing an extra level of security. Some customers mention using the suitcase for grocery shopping or daily errands, highlighting its versatility beyond travel purposes. Overall, the Coolife Luggage Large 28-Inch Suitcase proves to be a reliable and practical choice for travelers of all kinds. If you plan to travel with more luggage than it fits into this Large piece, you can check our Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set review.

2 Year Warranty

As per the manufacturer on today’s date, Warranty for two years includes damage to components such as top handle, telescopic handles, the body and wheels. The normal wear and tear of the luggage and the loss of appearance are not covered by the warranty. In principle, non-quality issues are not included in the 2-year warranty.

As an example, below four point situation is regard as non-quality issues and are not included in the 2-year warranty

  • Due to differences in displays and photo lighting conditions, as well as various factors of the human eyes, the color of the product may be slightly different from the actual one.
  • Damage to the cushioning material, film and tag in the packing box.
  • A little sway of the handle and the sound of the wheel as it rolls on the ground.
  • Damage to the luggage and components caused by human factors or violent use.

Partial Refund, Full Refund, Return and Replacement for quality reasons:

  • If the product is damaged during the transportation process, such as scratches, etc., or due to partial damage caused by transportation.
  • Returned products for quality reasons (in this case, it must confirm the picture by the customer) can be classified into the following situations:
    • Damage of zipper and (Due to zipper is vulnerable part, the order over 18 month is not included in it)
    • Damaged of lining (Due to lining is vulnerable part, the order over 18 month is not included in it)
    • Black wrapping tape next to the zipper(Due to lining is vulnerable part, the order over 18 month is not included in it)
    • Damage of handle
    • Damage of wheel
    • Damage of the body of the luggage
    • Damage of TSA lock


  • The Coolife Luggage Expandable suitcase has a hard plastic shell made from ABS+PC material, which ensures durability and can withstand rough handling.
  • The suitcase comes with a built-in TSA lock, providing added security for your valuables.
  • The Quiet airplane spinner wheels and adjustable telescoping handle make maneuvering the suitcase in tight spaces easy and convenient.


  • The suitcase is only expandable in the 28-inch size, limiting the extra space option for smaller sizes.
  • Some users may find the design of the inside compartments a little confusing, especially with the fabric divider panel.
  • The suitcase does not have a scratch-proof body, so it may show signs of wear and tear over time.

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In conclusion, the Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and style. Its durable construction, built-in TSA lock, and smooth maneuverability make it a reliable travel companion. The fully lined interior and organizational pockets provide convenience and ease of packing. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning for a vacation, this suitcase is definitely worth considering. With its reasonable price and positive customer reviews, it’s a great investment for hassle-free travel experiences. With this luggage piece, you will quickly end up with Luggage full of memories.

Questions & Answers:

Can I use the built-in TSA lock on the suitcase?

Absolutely! The TSA lock ensures the security of your belongings, and you can easily set your preferred code to lock and unlock the suitcase.

Does the suitcase have enough space for long trips?

Yes, the 28-inch size provides ample space for packing, and the expandable feature allows for an additional 15% of scalable space, making it suitable for longer trips.

Is the Coolife Large 28-Inch Spinner expandable?

Yes, as mentioned in the answer above this one, this 28-Inch Large Luggage piececan expand and increases its volume by 15%. This feature enables you to accommodate additional items without compromising on organization.

How much does the Coolife Large 28-Inch Spinner weigh?

The weight of the Coolife Large 28-Inch Spinner is approximately 11 lbs, making it surprisingly lightweight for its size and capacity.

What materials are used in the construction of the Coolife Large 28-Inch Spinner?

The Coolife Large 28-Inch Spinner is often constructed using high-quality materials such as durable polycarbonate for the hardside shell. This ensures both lightweight maneuverability and enhanced protection.