Are luggage covers worth it or not? Well, first, let’s see what are the things that a luggage cover brings to the table?

Then let’s find out if we need those things or not.

If those things are helpful and we need them, then I will a luggage cover is worth it.

Or else it is just a waste of money.

Fair deal?

Are luggage covers worth it
Are luggage covers worth it

Saves your money 

Some people believe that luggage covers are a waste of money as they are expensive.

But they do protect your luggage from rain, dirt, or other elements. 

However, luggage covers can actually save you money in the long run. 

If you do not have to spend money on new luggage due to damage caused by the weather, then you have saved money in the process.

I will say let us just save every penny and spend that 1 dollar on our dream holiday destination.

Protection from the weather

Luggage covers can protect your belongings from rain, snow, and other elements that can damage your luggage. 

Not only will this keep your belongings dry,

If you have a luggage cover, then next time, you will join a beach party with dry underwear :p

Keeps your luggage clean

Luggage covers can also keep your luggage clean and free of any unwanted dirt or dust particles. 

Not only is this an attractive feature for those who prefer their belongings to look their best, but it also protects your belongings from becoming cluttered or dirty over time.

Identify your luggage:

For me, this is the best benefit that the luggage cover provides. You can notice your luggage from a long distance.

As the usage of luggage covers will make it unique.

Thus your luggage will stand out tall than other luggage.

This will also prevent theft.

Well, I will talk no further. If you love those features, then yes, a luggage cover is worth it, and you should take one right away.

Check out the list of our ” best luggage covers.” Totally worth it.

Types of luggage covers

Wait, before making a buying decision, you should surely know which luggage covers are worth it.

You should not pull the trigger without knowing the real facts.

There are a few different types of luggage covers that you can use, depending on your needs.

The first type is a simple cover that you can put over your luggage to protect it from the elements. 

Types of luggage covers
Types of luggage covers

PVC vs. Spandex as a luggage cover

When you are shopping for luggage covers, PVC and spandex are the most common materials used. 

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride.

I know you don’t know anything about chemistry.

But it is the exact material by which plastic bags are made. However, it is a better version of it.

It gives the luggage a shiny look.

But it is the most affordable material, but it may not be the strongest.

It can be torn easily if caught on something while in transit, and it may not keep your luggage as dry as other materials.

On the other hand, Spandex is more expensive than PVC and is more durable.

It doesn’t have the same tear-ability issue as PVC, and it also absorbs water better, keeping your luggage drier.

Additionally, spandex can be curved to fit around any shape or size of luggage.


They are made from cloth or a similar material. 

They come in different colours and styles, but they all have one common feature- they protect your luggage from dirt, dust, and other elements. 

They also help keep your luggage looking new. 

One downside to cloth luggage covers is that they tend to absorb moisture, so your belongings can get damp over time.


These covers are made from pure linen fabric and are very high quality. 

They look good and feel luxurious.

They also have a few extra features that make them stand out from the competition.

First, they have a waterproof coating, so your belongings will stay dry even when it rains or gets wet outside. 

Second, they have a breathable Design, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting too hot or too cold.

Thermoplastic Material

Thermoplastic luggage covers are made from a thermoplastic material that is heat-resistant and waterproof. 

They are usually cheaper than vinyl covers, but they do not always withstand weather conditions as well.

Vinyl Material

Vinyl luggage covers are also made from a thermoplastic material, but they are less expensive than thermoplastic covers, and they tend to be more resistant to weather conditions. 

They also have a better appearance than thermoplastic covers and can often be painted or decorated in any colour you desire.

How to choose the right luggage cover

Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your needs.

How to choose the right luggage cover
How to choose the right luggage cover

First, think about how often you plan to use your luggage. 

If you only plan to use it occasionally, a simple fabric or cloth cover is probably fine.

 If you plan on using your luggage more often, though, you may want to invest in a more durable cover.

Second, think about what type of country you’re going to. 

Some countries have extremely dirty streets and sidewalks, while others are much more hygienic. 

If you know you’ll be spending a lot of time in dirty places, go for a cover with anti-dust properties.

Third, the size of the cover: Most covers are either small or large enough to fit most luggage sizes.

Make sure to choose the right size for your suitcase, so it doesn’t get in the way while you’re traveling.

Forth, the material: The different types of materials used in a suitcase cover include nylon, cotton, and polyester.

Nylon is generally considered the most durable, but it can also be less comfortable to touch.

Cotton is softer and more comfortable to the touch, but it doesn’t last as long as nylon.

 Polyester is a blend of both cotton and nylon, making it a good choice for those who want both durability and comfort.

Fifth, the price: Prices for suitcase covers vary depending on the type of material used, the size of the cover, and whether or not it

Finally, think about how formal your trip will be. 

A casual trip to the beach might not require a formal cover, but if you’re going on a business trip and attending meetings all day, you’ll want something more formal.

These tips should help you choose the right type of luggage cover for your needs.

If not then check our “Best luggage covers.” Enjoy. Happy Travelling!

Siam Sarwar