Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage is a high-end line of travel bags and accessories known for their sleek designs and luxurious feel. I was eager to test the company’s products and see if they lived up to the hype.

In this Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage review, I’ll take you through my experiences with the company’s different luggage. I’ll also provide tips on choosing the right one for your needs and share some of my favorite features of each model. So whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, check out Ricardo Beverly Hills!

You are in the right place if you’re thinking of getting a Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase. In this Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage review, we will go deeper into their quality, features, reviews, Warranty, design, price, and how to compare them with other brands.

What makes Ricardo Beverly hills luggage better than others?

One of the best things about Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage is that it is specifically designed for those who want the best quality and performance. Other luggage brands may have features that this luggage does not, but for me, it is worth every penny!

For example, other luggage brands may have wheels that are not durable or sturdy enough to handle heavy loads, which can make traveling difficult. Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage, has been made with a strong and durable wheel design that will not break easily. Additionally, the bag itself is also designed to be lightweight and compact so that it can be easily carried around. This makes it ideal for people who want to travel light and without having to worry about bulky luggage slowing them down.

Top 3 Editor’s Choose for Ricardo Beverly Hills Suitcases:

ImageProductDetails  Price
Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar VistaRicardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista LuggageNote: 23-inch height.Check Price
Malibu Bay 2.0 Carry-OnMalibu Bay 2.0 Carry-On
Note: Lightweight construct.Check Price
Ricardo Beverly Hills Ocean DriveRicardo Beverly Hills Ocean DriveNote: 23.75-inch height.Check Price

Top 5 Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review:

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista Luggage

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista
Image: Amazon

If you’re looking to have top of the line travel luggage that’s a bit more fashionable, this is the bag for you. The Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 20-Inch comes in different sizes and colors but among them, the purple one is my favorite!

It has been designed with such a well-thought-out style that it is functional, functional and functional. It is more like the John Wick among the luggage.

Even if you are in a rush, whether on the road or at home, it is easier to carry due to its numerous features. Designed with four upright spinner pieces and four dual wheels. It can be rolled on any smooth surface. Smooth as silk!

The reinforced carry handles are padded for extra comfort, and the multi-stage locking retractable handles adjust to any height you find most comfortable. It won’t hurt your hands even if you fill it and make it so heavy as if it was full of rocks! It is astonishing.

Product Dimensions8 x 14 x 20 inches
Item Weight3 pound


  • It can hold a lot of stuff.
  • Durability. This bag will accompany you on so many trips.
  •  It has an interior pocket that is perfect for a laptop
  •  It has four dual wheels.
  • It can be rolled on any smooth surface.


  • It cannot be used as a carry-on.

Malibu Bay 2.0 Carry-On Luggage

Malibu Bay 2.0 Carry-On
Image: Amazon

For all those environment lovers, Ricardo hills bought you the Malibu Bay 2.0 Carry-On Luggage. It is Eco-conscious. Moreover, it is durable and has weather-resistant fabric made from recycled materials. Such a treat for mother nature lovers!

Moreover, it is also easy on the eyes with super bright colors. On top of it, it has an easy-grip telescoping handle, and two smooth-rolling in-line wheels make it easy to get around.

The padded top carry handle makes it comfortable to carry. Unlike other carry-ons, you will never have to worry about your belongings getting soaked because the bag is sturdy and resilient.

Ricardo Beverly hills never compromises with its quality and design.

Product Dimensions8 x 15 x 20 inches
Item Weight5.4 pounds


  • Light and easy to maneuver.
  • The front pockets are beautiful.
  • It lasts long!


  •   Gets out of stock easily.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Ocean Drive

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review
Image: Amazon

It is manufactured with 100% virgin poly-carbonate. Moreover, its exterior is constructed with Makrolon by Covestro, which is the secret behind its long-lasting durability. The ultra-tough construction is much more robust than conventional luggage.

It contains leather handle wrap with lightweight aluminum tubes to make it comfortable. On top of it, a 360-degree double-wheel system smoothly glides the luggage in any direction, enhances stability and minimizes the effort.

Among all the features, the one which attracts me the most is the built-in suiter loop and adjustable anti-wrinkle bar, which protects hanging clothing.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Ocean Drive is as deep as the ocean.

Product Dimensions10.5 x 15 x 21 inches
Item Weight3.52 ounces


  • Smart packing features. The packing features of the Ricardo differ from all the suitcases we tested. Even the most affordable models are equipped with advanced packing features.
  • Affordable. Ricardo’s carry-ons start at 70$ and can run as long as 250$. Compared to the competition, you’ll get something related to Samsonite or Delsey, but for about 20$-50$ less.
  • Well, I reviewed them. Although some models have no-good reviews, their most popular models are rated 4.5 stars or more across 100 reviews.


  • You will get support. If you run into trouble, their support can be disappointing and slow to respond.
  • Some models aren’t that reliable. Although their quality is strong, it is not perfect. Some of the models we mentioned in this review are also well made. However, they have a few models with apparent quality defects. It depends on the heavy model, so it is best to double-check customer reviews before buying.

Ricardo Beverly Hills hardside Luggage, Splash of Nature:

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review
Image: Amazon

The first thing I would love to bring to your attention about this luggage is its color! What an excellent time to be a traveler! Isn’t it? Splash of nature, as the name suggests, is rich and colorful and reflects your personality. Whether an adventurer or a cosmopolitan traveler, Ricardo Beverly Hills hardside luggage has everything you need for new experiences, it has various sizes, colors, and styles to suit your unique personality and travel style.

I cannot refrain from writing about this masterpiece. Only people in the class will know the true meaning of this luggage!

Product Dimensions11.75 x 19 x 28 inches
Item Weight10.4 pounds


  • Convenient Storage.
  • Removable Toiletry Bag.
  • Added Protection.
  • Easy motion.
  • Durable Construction.


  • Handle movement is not so smooth

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mojave Hardside Carry-On

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review
Image: Amazon

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mojave Hardside Carry-On is perfect for weekend getaways, family, and business trips. It will be part of your perfect family! Comment if I am wrong!

It features two-compartment packing with smooth-rolling any-direction dual wheels. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle to make your journey more enjoyable.

The telescoping handle is with a comfortable grip. It has a soft-touch top and side carry handles, a convenient toiletries bag, and of course, the durable poly-carbonate alloy with a scratch-resistant finish. Isn’t it worth it?

Product Dimensions9.5 x 14.5 x 20 inches
Item Weight7.3 pounds


  • Expandable packing capacity.
  • Secondary packing compartment with zip-closed divider. 
  • Ergonomic telescoping handle with a comfortable grip. 
  • Scratch-resistant finish.


  • Poor customer support

The Verdict

The functionality of Ricardo’s suitcases is an example for all luggage manufacturers. Their packing features are also considered and valued in the most affordable models.

Besides that, their luggage is very durable (equivalent to Delcy and Samsonite), offers excellent warranty terms, and is very affordable.

That said, I don’t like a couple things about them.

First, I didn’t like that some of their models weren’t as good as others. Some were poorly designed, and many received 1-star reviews. Others received almost no bad reviews. But all their models should be equally durable.

And second, I was approached by people who complained about their support. At times, they may be slow to respond. But, if they are designed to improve support and make everything sustainable regularly, I think Richardo would be a better choice than Delcy and Samsonite.

Full Review Of Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage :

Critical Facts About Ricardo Beverly Hills

Ricardo Beverly Hills was founded in 1966 in Beverly Hills, California. Since then, they have created two more luggage brands targeting Skyway Luggage and Stephanie Johnson for different audiences.

Right now, these are available in various online and retail stores in more than 40 countries. Although their main focus is bags, they also make travel assistants – packing cubes, garment sleeves, toiletry bags, laundry bags, and bags for other purposes.

Quality (16/20)

Ricardo Beverly Hills doesn’t get the correct score regarding durability, but it’s pretty high. However, if we can compare the durability with other luggage brands, it is a bit like Delcy or Samsonite but not as good as Travelpro or Chester.

We’ve found countless examples of people using their suitcases for ten or fifteen years without problems. Unfortunately, Ricardo Beverly Hills does not last for so long. For example, if you bought a Briggs and Riley suitcase, you can be sure that it will last for at least 10 years of heavy use, but Ricardo bags last only three to five years (or ten years if rarely used).

Ricardo’s hard-side suitcases typically come with armored corners, scratch-resistant finishes, and dense retractable handles. Although their cheaper models are manufactured from ABS, most of their hardened bags are made from poly-carbonate, the most robust plastic for hard-side suitcases.

Their fabric suitcases are made from relatively high-end materials – usually nylon (the best material for fabric suitcases) or dreamy, a new fabric that is lighter and stronger than polyester.

We gave Ricardo 16 out of 20 points in sustainability. This is because their suitcases are well-equipped and durable, but they don’t take the extra miles to make them indestructible, unlike Travelpro or Briggs and Riley.

Reviews (24/30)

People seem to carry their most popular suitcase – Mar Vista. It has received 100 positive customer reviews and almost no bad reviews.

The same situation is with other models such as Malibu Bay and San Marcos. People seem to like everything about them, especially the looks and the affordable prices.

However, we also found some models that did not achieve great reviews. Some models are particularly well-rated; some are not and have apparent design flaws. For example, people are not very happy with the following models: Crystal City, Roxbury 2.0, and Mar Vista costume bags.

On the models discussed above, people complained about:

  • Cracks in the hard shell;
  • Tears in the fabric;
  • Broken-off spinner wheels;
  • Products not as advertised;
  • Problems with Warranty.

So what’s the key takeaway?

Not all of Ricardo products seem as focused as they should be. My advice would only be to stick with the most popular designs that have received good reviews. I’ve shared the great ones at the end of this review.

Features (13/15)

One of the reasons I thought Ricardo Beverly Hills is worth considering is because of the stories. Even on the most affordable types, the packing features are pretty advanced.

Using Dreamfall Fabric in the Malibu Bay Collection

The Malibu bay 2.0 compilation is made of Dreamfall fabric instead of regular polyester or nylon.

So what is Dreamfall?

It is a fabric material made from 100% polypropylene. It is good because it does not absorb water. It is more environmentally friendly, strong, and lightweight than polyester or nylon.

Expandable Zippers Even on Affordable Models

We are pleased to declare that they have expandable widths in almost all cases. So you can expand your suitcase by a few inches, adding 25% packing space. This is effective when you are small in area.

Durable Double Spinner Wheels

Instead of regular spinner wheels, Ricardo has decided to fit the double ones. This means that in total, you have eight wheels instead of four, resulting in a smoother movement and an improved lifespan of the wheels.

Again this is not a premium feature; Double wheels come with some cheaper models.

Smart Organization Features

Ricardo’s suitcases come with innovative and handy packing features.

For example, they use zipper mesh panels instead of regular compression straps to fasten your accessories. The idea is that your stuff is less compressed.

Even the most affordable designs usually come with a built-in TSA-approved removable toiletry pouch, a few zipper pockets, and a dedicated bag for luggage trackers.

A few more advanced models like the Ocean Drive come with a “portable office”. You get padded pouches for your tablet and laptop and several other bogies for pens, credit cards, power banks, chargers, and other gadgets.

Design (13/15)

The California lifestyle inspired Ricardos’ design. They’re going for a relaxed beach vibe and a luxurious, west coast lifestyle.

These are made in a unique and chic style. Some models offer colorful patterns but are not very bright or glamorous.

The Ricardo’s cheap bag (carrying Malibu Bay 2.0, for example) looks perfect for leisure travelers. And their premium designs like Ocean Drive and San Marcos look suitable and luxurious for professional travelers.

Limited 10-Year Warranty (7/10)

You can fix or replace your suitcase for free if you notice any defect due to defective materials or artwork. If it is subject to a Warranty. You only need to pay for shipping to the repair center. They will cover return expenses.

This Warranty does not involve wear and tear, misuse, or accident. If the Warranty does not cover the defect, they repair it for a small fee.

As mentioned, this Warranty is valid for ten years.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This Warranty is equal to the 10-year limited Warranty; only it lasts forever.

First-Year of Ownership Warranty

If you register your Warranty within the first 90 days of purchase, you will receive the first year of the ownership warranty in addition to your standard Warranty.

This Warranty also covers faults caused by normal wear (defective zippers, locks, wheels, and handles) and transport damage.


Although their Warranty is quite good, I have heard that their support is often ‘not helpful.’

They get only 7 out of 10 points in the warranty category. However, if they want to improve their support, they must work hard and take the necessary steps as soon as possible!

Price (9/10)

You can get a carry-on starting at 79.99$. However, Ricardo premium models can go up to 700$.

Overall, their prices are pretty impressive, considering the quality, packing features, and Warranty. In addition, the cheaper models that cost 79.99 $ – 200 $ are solid choices compared to the competition in the same price range. 

I’m mainly talking about the 500$ and up models, which are slightly overpriced for what they offer.

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FAQs for Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review:

Is Ricardo’s luggage good quality?

I admire the practicality of Ricardo’s suitcases. Their packing features are thought-out and valuable, even on the most affordable models. Their luggage is pretty durable, offers excellent warranty terms, and also very affordable.

Who makes Ricardo’s luggage?

Richard “Ricardo” Gibbs Founded in 1978 in Beverly Hills, California, the Ricardo Beverly Hills brand catalyzed everything the company has become after 40 years. Today they are a world leader specializing in designing, innovating, and marketing luggage and travel accessories.

Where is the best place to buy luggage?

The most rated retailers are Luggage Pros, Away, Amazon, LL Bean, RI, Rick Steves, Ebags.com, Costco Wholesale, and Tommy.

What Other Products Does Ricardo Beverly Hills Have?

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a luxury brand that sells various products, including clothing, accessories, and home décor. The other products the brand sells include watches, perfumes, etc. It has a wide range of prices and offers a variety of choices for customers. Whether customers are looking for high-end fashion or affordable accessories, Ricardo Beverly Hills has something for them.