Traveling is an unavoidable part of life. Humans are constantly on the move from place to place for various reasons. Getting a luggage bag that provides seamless travel and accomplishes all the necessities is essential. Moreover, when you are traveling, the luggage should be convenient to move around and keep intact without fail.

The good news is that Samsonite has covered this for you. They have been in this field for a while and offer premium quality luggage. However, even if they provide various products like Samsonite Omni and Winfield 2, how to finalize the one suitable for you? Read on further to understand in detail.

About Samsonite

It’s a praised brand that provides products from luggage bags to travel accessories. They have a history of 113 years in this journey since the founder Jesse Shwayder started this brand in 1910. Since people started traveling for leisure, Samsonite has come a long way with several innovative products.

The first ever product introduced to the world by the Shwayder brothers was wooden trunks. From there on, from the first three-point lock system suitcase to the luggage bags available now, it is one of the best brands with excellent services and products.

Get fantastic products essential for your travel from Samsonite today and have the comfortable journey of your dreams.

How to Choose Between Samsonite Omni Vs. Winfield 2?

Samsonite products are high-quality and the one-stop solution for convenient travel. However, deciding the right product for your journey is tricky. This will depend on many factors, including your personal preference and other essential requirements.

Most of these luggage pieces have many similarities among them. Therefore, let us start by discussing the significant differences between these two products to get a clear understanding.


Exterior Design

This particular factor is undoubtedly based on individual preference. Both Omni and Winfield 2 have similar features. However, one of the reasons they can be distinguished from each other is their design.

Omni gives off a diamond pattern, while Winfield has a smooth brushed pattern. Additional features are essential to consider. However, if you are keen on aesthetics, one of these products is a great companion for the next journey.

Size of the Spinner Wheels

The spinner wheels are one of the best features of both Omni and Winfield models. These wheels enable easy and quick movements while carrying luggage. It is a great relief while traveling long distances.

The only difference is the size of these wheels. Even though both have almost similar sizes, Omni has a slightly bigger one and therefore is more convenient to roll smoothly on hard surfaces. 

Size of the Carry-On Bags

Both of these models come in various sizes suitable for every journey. Therefore there is a pick for everyone. The main difference seen is in the sizes of their carry-on bags.

These suitcases are comfortable as they fit perfectly well in the overhead compartment of the flight while traveling. But similar to the size of the spinner wheel, Omni 20” has a slightly bigger Carry-on size compared to the Winfield 20” model.

Presence of Kick Plates

Kick plates are a material that can be attached at the bottom of the suitcase to prevent damage while rolling it on any surface. The presence of kick plates is a great help as it makes it convenient to move the luggage quickly through steps or a slope. The Omni model comes in medium to large sizes and has a tiny kick plate at the bottom of the suitcase for smooth use.

Types of Zippers used

This might not seem a prominent factor to consider, but it adds to the comfort during the journey to pack and unpack. While the Winfield model has a standard zipper and is available with all suitcases, the Omni has a bigger size zipper, making it easier to use. This is a convenient option to add to the list of factors to consider while opting for one of these models.


And lastly, the mayor factor to consider is which one is more affordable. Both of the models are similarly priced. This also depends on the size of the bag you are opting for since both of these models offer 20”, 24” and 28” suitcase sizes. Compared to both, Winfield has a slightly higher price.

Similarities in Samsonite Omni Vs. Winfield 2

Samsonite Omni and Winfield 2 have many similar features rather than differences. They also use the latest design technology, making it a popular product among their customers for travel and other purposes.

The exterior design of both of these models is manufactured by using 100 % poly-carbonate. This material makes the external casing hard and protects the bag from scratch or any unexpected damage. Due to the presence of this material, the suitcases are solid and durable and can last a long time without much wear and tear.

The two models are lightweight, so moving them from one place to another is easy. Furthermore, the carry-on bags of these models are manufactured by keeping in mind the carry-bag restrictions while traveling in flight. Therefore it is overhead compartment friendly with the lightest weight possible.

Another fantastic feature is the availability of the four-spinner wheel that is multi-directional and can be moved around with utmost comfort and ease. In addition, the bags have a secured TSA lock system which will help you to use them without the concern of theft or other worries regarding the valuables inside while traveling.

Further, these models are available in a range of sizes. They are easy to expand, so there is no need to worry about taking things while traveling.

Samsonite Omni

Samsonite Omni Suitcase
Samsonite Omni Suitcase

Below mentioned are the pros and cons of Samsonite Omni luggage pieces.


  • The material used is 100% poly-carbonate, which makes it a great pick due to its durability. It will have great strength and facilitate the prevention of damage to the exterior casing.
  • The advanced technology in the design, along with the spinning wheels, is an excellent feature. They are multi-directional and are very convenient to move while traveling.
  • Omni bags are secured with a carefully curated TSA lock system. This system is a great way to ensure that there is no threat to your belongings while traveling. It is a great feature that is available in products at the moment.
  • The bag’s outer shell has a micro-diamond pattern and texture, which protects the suitcase further from scratches while using the bag constantly. 
  • It is also expandable with full zip accessibility. This will help you pack everything essential for the trip without worrying about exceeding the limit.
  • One of the beneficial features is the lightweight of the bag, which makes it an ideal bag to use and carry everywhere.


  • Even though the suitcase is available with spinner wheels, the size of the wheels is slightly smaller compared to Winfield 2 model. This can make moving through hard surfaces tricky while rolling the suitcase.
  • The space inside some sizes could be better and more than the current one for better usage.

Samsonite Winfield 2

Samsonite Winfield 2 Suitcase
Samsonite Winfield 2 Suitcase

The following are the pros and cons of using the Winfield 2 model.


  • Practical and convenient design is one of the highlights of the Winfield 2 model. The outer shell has a solid design that is aesthetically pleasing. The carry-on bags under this model are overhead compartment friendly and fit well while traveling on flights.
  • The design is also expandable and stretchable. This is because the material used helps store more items while traveling, a great plus point.
  • This model is also made from Poly-carbonate; therefore, it is scratch free and damage-free, with excellent resistance and durability.
  • Another similar and beneficial factor of Winfield is the TSA lock system which is the safest option for you while traveling.
  • It weighs less and is lightweight, an excellent factor as it makes the journey all the more comfortable and easy to handle, especially if it’s a solo trip.
  • The Winfield 2 model is also an excellent option if the product’s appearance is essential. It comes with a brushed pattern which gives it a smooth and appealing look. They are also available in different colors.


  • The product is not waterproof, which might be an issue during particularly wet weather.
  • The bag has complicated zippers that are intertwined with clothes. This will be challenging to use quickly from time to time.
  • Even though a range of colors is available, it must be noted that pure black and white, which will probably be the preference of so many people, are not available with this model.

Samsonite Omni Vs. Winfield 2: Final Verdict

Apart from a few differences, both the models have similar features that are worth the buy. The material used in both by the brand is Poly-carbonate. Poly-carbonate will ensure that there will be no scratch or external damage to the products, protecting them from wear and tear. In addition, the spinning wheel, along with the TSA lock system, these products are an excellent pick for several reasons.

However, with slight differences in other factors, the final verdict depends on your preferences. Therefore, consider the prominent factors while buying a bag and select the option accordingly. Of course, both products are of high quality, but a few factors could change the final decision from one person to another.


FAQs about Samsonite Omni

Are Omni bags heavy to carry?

One of the great features of this model is its light weight. They are available in various sizes and ranges, but all of them are lightweight and thus easy to carry. The 3-piece set weighs around 29 pounds and has a solid design with great strength. These bags also have a ten-year warranty; you can safely try them for the first time.

What are the overall dimensions of the Omni model?

The Samsonite Omni is slightly varied in its dimensions compared to the Winfield 2 model. The three-piece set has an overall dimension of 13.5 x 21.5 x 30.5 inches. It is also expandable if you pack more things for the trip.

Samsonite Omni Suitcase
Samsonite Omni Suitcase

Does the Omni model come with a lifetime warranty?

All the Samsonite products have a two to ten years warranty period depending on the type and model of the product. You will get a ten-year warranty with a seven-day return policy while purchasing Samsonite Omni suitcases.

What are the various sizes available under the Omni model?

The Samsonite Omni is available in three primary sizes and variations. Each has a different dimension and weight, which is convenient for use. These are:

You can choose the one that would be helpful for your specific trip.

What is the color range available while purchasing Omni bags?

These bags are available in various colors and therefore are accessible to everyone. The colors available are Black, Caribbean Blue, Red, Silver, Teal, White, Purple, Bronze, Burnt Orange, Navy and Radiant Pink, all such stunning colors.

FAQs about Samsonite Winfield 2

Is Samsonite Winfield 2 prone to scratches?

These bags are manufactured from a material called Poly-carbonate. It helps restrict any damage or scratch to the bags and protects them for extended use. Therefore they are almost completely scratch resistant.

Which colors are available under Samsonite Winfield 2?

The available colors are navy, brushed anthracite, charcoal, cactus green, deep blue, Nordic blue, brushed white, arctic pink, ice blue, burgundy, orange, purple, rose gold, and teal. However, this model does not offer conventional colors such as pure white and black.

How much does a Samsonite Winfield 2 weigh?

The bags under this model are light in weight. The three-piece set with varied sizes weighs around 28 pounds in total. The three-piece is an excellent investment for more extended use with different sizes.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Suitcase
Samsonite Winfield 2 Suitcase

What is unique about the lock system in this model?

Omni and Winfield 2 models are designed with a unique TSA lock system. The instructions to set the lock system are available in the user manual guide. They are the safest option out there and ensure you have a journey that is safe and theft free.

Are Samsonite Winfield 2 worth the money?

Samsonite offers high-quality products with excellent features. These features help you to have a safe and comfortable journey. They are definitely worth the money.


Finalizing a product while investing in one is challenging. There are several products available in the market, and choosing the right one is a task. However, one thing to be considered before buying is the brand and the quality of the products they offer. In that regard, all the Samsonite products are top-notch and loved by everyone who have used them.

Between Omni and Winfield 2, your decision depends on what you want in a product. Even though there are differences, they have a lot in common in their features. In conclusion, both are great options, so go for either of them, and you will have a fantastic trip and luggage full of memories.