Is Samsonite a luxury brand?

The true meaning of luxury is having great ease and comfort, and that is what Samsonite offers. 

There is a saying that “luxury never goes out of fashion,” and neither does Samsonite. 

If you ask a traveler what a luxurious luggage brand is, he will answer you Samsonite is a luxurious brand without a second thought.  

Samsonite offers both affordable and premium luggage for every type of user. 

And no matter what type of Samsonite luggage you take, you definitely will have the feeling of ease, comfort, and superior built quality when you use the luggage. 

So, yes, Samsonite indeed is a luxurious brand with premium and affordably priced luggage. 

Is Samsonite a good bag brand?

Yes, Samsonite is a good brand. 

A brand can be called a good brand when it offers quality products at a reasonable price and also builds customer trust for the brand. 

And Samsonite has passed all of these marks.

So, therefore, you can call it a good brand. Samsonite offers a long-term warranty that can range from 5-10 years. 

They make luggage with the finest materials, and their luggage also has a stylish outlook. 

Most importantly, you will hardly find anyone who has filed any complaints about Samsonite products or Samsonite after-sale service. 

And all these matters combined make Samsonite a good brand.   

Why would you buy Samsonite luggage? 

If you are considering buying luggage, then I will suggest Samsonite. 

You must be wondering why you should buy Samsonite luggage, right? 

Let me tell you why. Almost every premium luggage brand offers more or less similar high-end quality products. 

But what’s different about Samsonite is its value against cost. It means you will be satisfied with Samsonite’s luggage quality after paying for it. 

The price is convenient, and the after-sale service is also satisfying. 

There was a case when a person reported that he had been using a Samsonite luggage for 30 years. 

And when the handle of the luggage broke after 20 years, he just reported that to Samsonite Company

And guess what? He had been given a new handle without any cost. 

It shows how much effort the brand gives to its customers. Besides, Samsonite luggage has 

Why would you buy Samsonite luggage
Why would you buy Samsonite luggage
  • Good brand reputation 
  • Years of experience in luggage making 
  • Finest luggage construction 
  • Stylish luggage designs 
  • Up to 10 years of luggage warranty  

And because of all of these reasons, you should give it a try. 

Are Samsonite bags worth it?

A straight answer is yes. Samsonite bags are worth the price. And there are plenty of reasons for that. These reasons are 

Samsonite is known for its innovative designs.

Samsonite is known for its innovative designs.
Samsonite is known for its innovative designs.

The brand has been in the market for more than 100 years now. 

And they successfully survived this fashion and traveling luggage industry because of their innovative bag designs. 

That people liked throughout their journey. 

Samsonite bags have innovative features and designs that will give your bag-carrying experience a positive boost. 

Most of their bags come in a classic and premium look.  

Samsonite cares about the sustainability of the environment.

Samsonite cares about the sustainability of the environment
Samsonite cares about the sustainability of the environment

If you are an eco-conscious person who thinks about the environment and earth, then Samsonite is a good brand for you. 

Samsonite is trying to make a positive impact on global carbon emissions.

And to do that, they have taken a carbon-neutral bag production initiative and also started following a strategy called “our responsible journey,” where they are trying to make their bags last longer than any other brands bags so that people will stay with one bag for years and reduce plastic waste. 

So if you are an environment-conscious person, then Samsonite is the brand you are looking for. 

Samsonite bags are durable. 

Samsonite bags are durable.
Samsonite bags are durable.

The bags this brand makes is very durable because of using durable materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, Aluminum, etc., and they also have sophisticated designs which make the bag’s frame tough to get broken. 

Note that before reaching your hand, Samsonite bags go through durability tests. 

So there is no chance to question the durability of the bag.   

Samsonite offers both high-end and more affordable suitcases.

Samsonite offers both high-end and more affordable suitcases
Samsonite offers both high-end and more affordable suitcases

Because of the brand reputation and brand positioning, people believe Samsonite is a premium brand, and its bags cost a lot of money. 

Well, this is true to some extent, but not totally.  

Samsonite has bags that cost even more than 700 dollars, but they also have affordable bags that can be purchased for 100-150 dollars. 

Besides, they are not charging you more than what you get. If their bags are priced at 700 dollars, it means you will get a premium experience from them, and you will be satisfied spending 700 dollars. 

Samsonite suitcases come in many different sizes and colors.

Samsonite suitcases come in many different sizes and colors
Samsonite suitcases come in many different sizes and colors

If you go for a premium bag of any other brand than Samsonite, you will hardly find any brand that offers bags with wide color and size variety. 

Samsonite offers different bag colors such as Blue, Grey, Red, Black, and many more.

Besides, Samsonite bag comes in different size varieties, from small carry-on sizes to extra-large check-in models.

How good is Samsonite’s warranty?

In my opinion, the Samsonite warranty is pretty good. 

I have seen many luggage brands that offer a five-year or ten years manufacturer’s warranty which only works in specific areas of the world. 

But Samsonite offers ten years limited global warranty. 

It means no matter where you take your luggage, if you find any defects in luggage materials or design, 

Samsonite will either replace or fix your luggage.    

How long does Samsonite last?

Well, it depends on the use. If you are a heavy user who travels very frequently like me and if you carry lots of stuff with you, then you can expect a Samsonite luggage to last 5-8 years on average. 

But if you are not a frequent traveler and take good care of your luggage, you can expect a mid-range priced Samsonite luggage to last more or less 10-15 years. 

And this is a very long time for luggage to last.  

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FAQ for Is Samsonite a luxury brand: 

What luggage is comparable to Samsonite? 

Samsonite is the largest travel luggage company in the world which sells both premium and affordable quality luggage. 

And if there is any brand comparable with Samsonite, it will be Travel pro in case of durability comparison. 

And in the case of quality and features, another comparable brand is Delsey. 

Is Samsonite luggage waterproof? 

If you need waterproof luggage, then Samsonite can be a good choice. 

Samsonite luggage, which is made of fabrics, is also waterproof. 

So next time you are visiting a rainy tropical area, take a Samsonite stylish luggage with you.   

Is Samsonite heavy? 

Well, although it is not a very good sign for luggage to be heavy, 

Most Samsonite luggage is slightly heavier than premium luggage brands such as Delsey, Rimowa, and Travel Pro. 

Especially large check-in Samsonite luggage is heavier compared with other luggage and weighs around 11-13 pounds.   

What is special about Samsonite?

The specialty of Samsonite is in its suitcase varieties. Most of the brands focus only on specific budget suitcases or a specific type of suitcase. 

But unlike those brands, Samsonite offers a wide variety of suitcases along with different affordable and luxury price ranges. 

You may ask, how can Samsonite offer a wide variety of suitcases that are both durable and stylish? 

It can offer a wide variety because Samsonite is the largest luggage brand in the world with a huge product category.    

Are Samsonite bags good quality?

A straight answer is yes. Samsonite makes durable, Stylish, and high-quality bags. 

Even their most affordable bags are made of micro diamond polycarbonate and also have ten years warranty,

TSA lock, spinner wheels, and retractable handle. 

So if you have any doubt about the quality of low-priced Samsonite bags, you can rest assured you will like their bags’ quality for the price you pay.  

Hey wait! Now you know Samsonite is a luxury brand but did you know that there are lots of fake Sasmsonite luggage in the market?

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