What are luggage straps? 

These straps are used to ensure the safety of luggage.

Luggage straps are very thick straps made of strong and durable materials that are used to bind luggage.  

It ensures that everything in the luggage and suitcase remains in the same packing area. In case of damage to the luggage, you have higher chances of keeping the contents inside.

Why do we need them? 

You need luggage straps to protect your luggage from damage and ensure your belongings are safe.

If you are a frequent traveler, then you may know the importance of having good-quality luggage.

Good quality luggage will ensure the safety of your belongings in the luggage. 

And good luggage will cost you a good amount of money. 

Since you have spent a good amount of money on luggage, it is worth protecting from damages at airports, right? 

And this is why you need luggage straps. 

Are luggage straps allowed? 

Yes, luggage straps are allowed by both airport authorities and airlines to use. 

There is no specific guideline that goes against using luggage straps during traveling. 

You are allowed to use any luggage straps in both your carry-on and checked-in luggage and personal items as long as they can be opened by TSA for inspection. 

Luggage straps types 

There are many types of luggage straps available, but the major three types include the following 

Regular luggage straps

Regular luggage straps
Regular luggage straps

It is a single strap that is made of varying materials. It is usually made of a plastic clasp and a strap belt.

And you have to attach the belt with the plastic clasp for locking the strap.

X-shaped luggage straps

X-shaped luggage straps
X-shaped luggage straps

These straps are used to ensure the maximum safety of your luggage.

As the name suggests, it binds the luggage in an x shape.

This strap comes with two belts that are crossed over one another. This double binding gives maximum safety.

Bungee cord luggage straps

Bungee cord luggage straps
Bungee cord luggage straps

These straps are also called add bag straps because it allows strapping your luggage along with a bag on the luggage. 

These types of straps are good for those people who carry small check-in bags with them. 

This strap will give safety to your luggage and will allow you to add a bag on top of the luggage. 

Are luggage straps TSA approved? 

Some luggage straps are TSA approved because of having TSA-approved locks.

There is no specific restriction that prevents using luggage straps while traveling.

Some luggage straps have combination locks for better security, and if those locks can be opened by the airport authority for inspection, then there is no problem using luggage straps. 

Are luggage straps worth it? 

Luggage straps are surely worth it.

Compared with luggage locks, luggage straps provide better security for your luggage.

Luggage straps are crucial for luggage. It works better than a luggage lock. 

While luggage lock makes it harder for thieves to steal from the luggage, luggage straps ensure that your luggage is secure from staling, and it also gives your luggage safety from being opened in case luggage zippers are broken. 

What is a luggage strap on a backpack? 

A luggage strap on a backpack means the use of Bungee luggage straps for attaching your backpack to your luggage. 

To do that, first, you have to attach one end of your straps to the long side handle of your luggage. 

The next task is to place the backpack on top of it and tightly attach the other end of the straps with the extended telescopic handle.

Do Luggage Straps Really Work? 

Luggage straps are made of a durable combination of poly and plastic material and a lock to ensure safety. 

And when these straps are attached tightly, it will keep the luggage closed and the items in the luggage intact. So it does work.

What Are Some Benefits of Using a Luggage Strap While Traveling? 

There are some good benefits of using luggage straps; these are 

What Are Some Benefits of Using a Luggage Strap While Traveling
What Are Some Benefits of Using a Luggage Strap While Traveling

Easy identification 

The luggage strap comes in a variety of colors.

 If you choose a strap of vivid looking color, then you can notice your luggage easily after reaching your destination. 

This is how it provides the benefit of easy identification.  

Secure your luggage 

A luggage strap keeps your luggage items intact and gives protection against rough luggage handling in the airport luggage area. 

Besides, luggage with a strap attachment ensures safety from stealing in the airport.

Prevents accidental opening

If a suitcase is cheap, it tends to break in time of hard luggage handling. 

In such cases, heavy luggage tends to break from its zipper section. 

And using luggage straps will ensure your luggage is safe in case of an accidental zipper opening.

Attach multiple luggage

Luggage straps allow you to attach multiple pieces of luggage and bags. These special types of straps are called bungee straps.

Are luggage straps allowed by airlines? 

Luggage straps are allowed by most airlines in the world. There is no issue with luggage straps if they can be opened for inspection. 

But some Airlines do not allow using luggage straps, such as Air France. 

How do you secure a suitcase? 

You secure a suitcase by attaching straps to it. And to do that, you have to follow some steps for proper attachment. 

How do you secure a suitcase
How do you secure a suitcase

Step 1: First, you have to adjust your straps according to the size of your suitcase

Step 2: Then insert one end of the straps into the side handle of your suitcase

Step 3: Wrap the strap all around your suitcase and reach the metal triangle. 

Step 4: Put the end of the strap through the triangle and go in the opposite direction until both clips of the straps meet.

Step 5: tightly lock the straps to ensure better safety.

FAQ for what are luggage straps used for?

What are the straps inside a suitcase for? 

Straps inside a suitcase are for better safety in case the suitcase bursts open. Straps will keep the suitcase close, but for that, you need to pull the straps tight enough and lock them accurately.