Are you worried about the weight of your luggage while backpacking for your trip?

The thought of unpacking your bag at the airport due to exceeding the weighing limit or carrying a tremendous load when taking the trip can be frustrating.

The girl who drops her luggage, scattering things all over the place, might look intriguing in a romantic comedy. But if you have experienced it for yourself, the embarrassment and hassle it comes with cannot be fathomable. And to add to the dissatisfaction, there will be no Mr. Right to help you who you can fall head over heels for like your suitcase did (frowns). We like our Luggage full of memories, but good memories.

You might not be able to cut short the supplies you need during the trip (after all, everybody is not a minimalist packer, and maximalist packers, for no reason, gather bad repo). How can you cut short on weight here and there? Carrying a lightweight suitcase might do the trick.

If you are wondering how much does a suitcase weigh, different parameters contribute to the weight of a suitcase. For instance, the size, hard-side suitcase, light-side suitcase, and the material of the luggage.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Different types of languages
  • What are lightweight suitcases?
  • Significance of lightweight suitcase
  • Tips for a maximalist packer
  • Guide to being a minimalist packer
  • How to Save on Luggage Fare?

Different Types of Luggage

If you are wondering what types of luggage there are and what will be the most convenient for your purpose, you will be amazed by the options available in the market. Apart from the building material of the luggage like fiber, nylon, parachute cloth, etc., there are also various factors depending on which the luggage is classified. The various kinds of luggage are as follows:

Depending on the Size of The Luggage,

Depending on the Material Used,

  • Cloth
  • Hardshell
  • Light shell
  • Leather

What you are probably wondering is how to make your suitcase lighter? For that, you might need to get your hands on the new generation suitcases.

Why Are Lightweight Suitcases The Talk Of The Hour?

Kudos to the glob-trotters who carried the humongous rucksacks or the big suitcases that weighed a lot more than their entire belongings! Thankfully, those days are gone. A new eon of baggage has arrived that makes traveling a lot easier.

The new generation suitcases are game changers. The manufacturers have put their hearts and souls into every part while manufacturing luggage. They have kept in mind the convenience of the travelers and added a piece here and taken away a piece from there, making the most convenient luggage that can make your journey easier.

The new generation of luggage has come up with high-quality luggage that weighs about 9 pounds. If you doubt its performance, you will get all your doubts cleared in a bit.

The new lightweight pieces of luggage are made with rip-proof and durable material. Further, the suitcases are framed with aluminum or fiberglass, making them sturdy.

Lightweight Suitcase Significance

If you are often on the road, lightweight luggage is a must. For insights on why lightweight luggage is so important in your travel life, check the following:

Saves Money While Traveling

If you fly frequently, you will save a lot of money by getting your hands on lightweight luggage. The airline tends to charge more if you cross the maximum weight that you are allowed to carry (the maximum weight limit you can carry is subjective to each airline). Discarding things that are inside your bag can be challenging, especially if you are going on a long trip.

A lightweight suitcase will be 10 to 15 pounds lighter than its normal counterpart. Thus, allowing you to take more things with you or save money and spend it shopping at the various places you travel.

Safer Option

The new generation lightweight luggage is more durable than the older ones. It means your belongings, especially if you carry electronics, musical instruments, or a precious piece of jewelry, will be safe and secure.

Helps Your Posture

Frequent travel can be tiring. Especially if you carry heavy luggage, you will become more fatigued. Carrying heavy pieces of luggage from place to place can hurt your shoulders, spine, and arms. The lighter your luggage is, the easier it will be to move your luggage from place to place.

Safer Option for Tricky Situations

Tricky or unplanned situations are a part of travel that does not get mentioned much. Suppose you are in a compromised situation, like a vehicle breakdown, or you must walk on a rocky road with your luggage. Lightweight luggage is a lifesaver in unexpected situations.

Tips a Maximalist Packer Should Follow

Suitcase weight 2
Checking the weight of a Suitcase at the Airport

Maximalists are best known for their tantrums. However, it is unrealized that they are never under prepared for a situation. If you are a maximalist who wants to pack for a long tour, cutting on supplies is unavoidable. Follow these tips that will help you while packing:

Buy a Lightweight Suitcase

As mentioned earlier, a lightweight suitcase can save up a lot of weight enabling you to bring along things you do not want to leave behind. It may be more expensive initially, but lightweight suitcase brings you value by allowing you to pack more things and not exceed the max weight limit for your airline.

You can also take a duffel bag that has extra chambers that you can use to fit your toiletries.

Do Not Carry Liquids

As per airport security, you cannot take any liquid with capacity above 100ml in your handbags. Further, you must have encountered situations where your toiletries had spilled all over your clothes and suitcases.

To avoid such situations, take solids instead of liquids. For example, solid shampoo bars, solid conditioning bars, chewable toothpaste tablets instead of toothpaste, solid perfumes bars, etc. These will ensure that there is no spillage.

Pack Electronics Correctly

If you are a digital nomad, you usually cannot avoid not carrying the electronic gear everywhere you go. In that case, while buying your gadgets, pick lighter devices.

For instance, if you have an old laptop weighing about 4-6 pounds, which is probably the heaviest item in a suitcase, replace it with a new laptop that is much lighter and smaller, hence, convenient to travel with. Furthermore, invest in items that can be used for multipurpose, such as myType keyboards that can be connected to your phone and perform any task that needs to be done on the computer.
Be aware that power banks must be in your carry-on luggage. You cannot put them in the checked suitcase.

Clothes Packing

Being a fashionista brings its own set of challenges when it comes to packing. You must put in a lot of thought while planning for your trip. If you are a maximalist traveler, you have to look your best to count every picture for your Instagram post.

However, with a little bit of consciousness, you can cut off that extra weight. While choosing the clothes, try to take bold and outspoken clothes instead of layering clothes.

PS: Keep in mind that the average weight of luggage for a week, while you are going on a holiday should be under 33-40 pounds.

Guide to Being a Minimalist Packer

Minimalists are the ones experiencing the true essence of life without having to worry about what to take with them on their trip or what to leave behind. According to studies, minimalism is also the way to reduce decision fatigue. If you are there, you know what you have achieved. If you have yet to reach that spot, here is a guide to being a minimalist packer:

Adhere By the Rule of Four

Take the four things with you that you can goof around with. For instance, you can take your white tank top if you visit a beach. You can pair a white top with everything under the sun. Similarly, bring items that will enhance your skills as a mixologist.

Do Not Pack For Everyday

If you are yet to be in the minimalist zone, you may need to take a dress for every day. Like six dresses for six weeks! But let me fill you in on a small secret: Nobody cares if you repeat an outfit. Celebrities and some conscious influencers make it evident that there is no crime in repeating. Just keep in mind not to skip your daily shower routine.

Are You a Book-Holic?

If you are a voracious reader, take a couple of books while traveling. Just in case you feel the urge to read something. However, books can weigh your luggage a lot. So instead of taking paper books, you can download apps like Kindle, Audible, etc., read your books on your phone, or, even better, listen to them while traveling.

Carrying Toiletries

The whole purpose of minimalism is to be simple. So instead of bringing thousands of different toiletries, you can get yourself one and done. There are many products in the market that are meant for multipurpose use.

Instead of getting a body wash, shampoo, and face wash, you can get an all-in-one wash. Or, instead of getting a different moisturizer for your face and body, you can get a two-in-one moisturizer.

How to Save on Luggage Fare?

Read the guidelines of the airlines you are opting for before packing your luggage. Nevertheless, here are some tips that can help you:

  • While packing, do not start putting everything inside your luggage at once. Collect all the things you need to travel with and keep them in one place.
  • After that, put everything consciously inside your luggage. After you are done packing, weigh your luggage at home (the max limit for luggage on most international flights is 50 pounds per checked bag).
  • It would be best to pack smartly, like taking multipurpose tools to save space and airport luggage fees.
  • Buy a lightweight suitcase so that the overall weight of the luggage decreases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suitcase weight 3
Checking the weight of a Suitcase at the Airport

What should be the size of the luggage for the 15 days tour program?

Luggage that is 50-75 liters will be enough for your 15 days journey. Take the necessary things, do not carry stuff you won’t use, and pack your luggage in an organized manner, so you do not misuse the space inside the luggage.

Can a softshell suitcase crack?

It is more likely that a hardshell suitcase will crack rather than a softshell one. The latter is polycarbonate ABS designed to withstand vigorous travel and airport handling.

Are rucksacks better than duffle bags?

You can store many more things in a rucksack than in a duffle bag. Further, rucksacks can be carried on your back which is a lot easier if you are trekking. But if you are on a more professional trip, it is suggested that you go for a duffle bag.

What color of luggage will complement any airport look?

Nude (blush pink, beige, lighter shades of brown) and metallic colors will compliment every airport look. With celebrities being snapped by the paparazzi for their airport look, it has become a thing for everyone. If you love being clicked at the airport, take a nude or metallic suitcase with you. These colors complement every other color and all kinds of outfits.

Will you be allowed to carry more than 22 pounds as a handbag?

You are allowed to travel with a handbag that is 22 pounds but no more than that. Also, you are not supposed to carry more than 100 ml of liquid. Ensure that you have dry items in your handbag.


With all the points, tips, and guidelines mentioned, you can manage to stay below the max luggage weight limit for air travel. To avoid nasty surprises, you can get a luggage scale or your regular weighing scale to ensure you are within limits before heading to the airport.

Investing in lightweight luggage is the most significant thing you can do to manage the weight of your luggage. You should also be conscious while packing your suitcase for your journey and be aware of the weight.

Whether you are a maximalist traveler who doesn’t want to compromise or a minimalist who is close to life’s simplest pleasures, this article has something for everyone. To know exactly how much you can carry, refer to the website of the Airline you have booked a ticket with. For a rough estimate, the maximum allowable luggage weight is usually 50 pounds per luggage piece. If you have cleared all your doubts, book a ticket, and happy traveling!